Introduction to Traditional Woodworking with Handtools

Joshua Farnsworth welcomes you to his free traditional woodworking video tutorials!

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  1. Hey Joshua, if you can’t find a comprehensive resource on using, acquiring,
    refurbishing, and sharpening hand tools you should check out Paul Sellers’s
    blog and his “Woodworking Masterclasses” online school. Not only does he
    teach these things, but he fosters skill-building right from the very first
    video through the vehicle of making projects. He assumes the viewer has no
    hand tool experience and so he starts with very simple projects and takes
    you through increasingly complex projects at a rapid, but very doable pace.
    Even though I’m an experienced hand tool woodworker, I’ve been following
    him for years and still do. I think you will agree he’s got perhaps the
    most comprehensive site of its kind on the net. I hope you enjoy it as much
    as his thousands of subscribers do. 

  2. Guys access more then 16000 woodworking projects and plans at

  3. Hi Joshua, I would like to say thank you for the tutorials. I love it all.
    Thank you!

  4. merci pour ces vidéos qui sont très bien ! dommage qqfois un peu longs

  5. Good on you mate! Following your channel and subscrided to your newsletter
    at the website. Cheers from the German Tradie in Australia.

  6. Casey told me to look for Woody Hyezmar’s site, So I finally got his book,
    I think it’s still available to download. Great content even if it’s free.

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