Introducing Making a Tool Cabinet with Paul Sellers

Been wanting to make a cabinet to keep your tools organised in your shop but not sure where to start?

Paul introduces his latest series available on , the Wall Hung Tool Cabinet, which features dovetails, panel construction, drawer making and much more.

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  1. I have been waiting for this. I’m so excited 🙂

  2. You teach in this video and didn’t have to say a word!…I see you use the old version of sketchup, so do I.

  3. Interesting to hear the entire piece of music! Nice. Oh, and an interesting project too!!! 😉

  4. +revieck So do I, but use isometric graph paper.

  5. That was quite therapeutic.

  6. Your channel is so great! I am so inspired to work with hand tools. Who did the music? I will go back and view every video you have posted. Thankz

  7. My wife watched this transfixed. I told her how awesome your work is and she replied, “I can see that. ” The silence added to the video. Thank you.

  8. The grace in the woodwork here is fascinating.

  9. +revieck I remember learning how to draft by hand was essentially 60% of my grade 9 ‘construction’ (wood working really) course. Everything we did had to be drafted first and the teacher would inspect every aspect of it before you could do any work (this wasn’t even too long ago, ~10 years)

    My cousin took the same course, at the same school and I asked him how he liked the drafting– they don’t do it. What in the hell? A classroom full of drafting equipment and drafting tables- not used at all. Wow.

  10. I got an “F” in drafting so I need all the help I can get.

  11. I like this format!

  12. What size plane was that he used? no 5?

  13. +Zareth DeTullio I think it’s a 5.

  14. +Anthony P Warchal I have a no 4 and that seems a bit longer but maybe it’s just my eyes playing tricks

  15. I can’t wait for this project! Love the “silent” intro vid. The easy music, drawing, working wood is a great introduction.

  16. Rafs Kitchen Garden

    It is pleasure to watch you at work 🙂 recently subscribed and enjoying every video, getting more interested in woodworking, Thanks

  17. Can’t wait to see this. I have literally been waiting to make my tool cabinet until this Master Woodworker shows us how he designs his.

  18. +Zareth DeTullio It is a #5 or a #6 as the tote (handle) is “inboard” on a #4 the tote is set 12mm + (1/2- 3/4) of the end of the plane

  19. +Hank Merkle thought it may be a 5 1/4, it’s not as long as a 5 but like you said the handle

  20. Right… We were all fooled because Paul didn’t pick up his signature #4! Ha ha

  21. Stunning channel very nice music and production. Thanks Paul.

  22. Paleeeeeese, Who did the music and what is the name of the tune?

  23. +cjdarts This is music composed and performed for us by a local musician called Henry Horrell. (

  24. love your videos wish I had a workshop like that

  25. what kind of glue are you using? is it wood glue or regular plastic glue?

  26. I love this. Can I tag/flag this cabinet to get advised of any new videos that come out about it?

  27. Salomão Silva Oliveira

    Estamos aguardando os videos seguintes,dessa sequencia,para dar terminação ao armário.

  28. Are you good at visualizing three dimensional objects?  A good drafter must be able to do that well, or he’s going to have a hard time.  The more you draw, and the more things you make out of wood, or any material, the better you get at visualizing objects that don’t exist anywhere except in your head.

  29. Hello,
    What kind of wood are you using for a cabinet like that?
    All the best from Germany!

  30. Very good!
    Thanks for sharing!

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