Installing a Sliding Door for the Workshop

Space efficiency in the shop gets better and better. This time with an upgrade to a space saving sliding door.

Many people asked for the rail kit. I bought it in a "more specialized" hardware store. But you can also get it from Amazon:
I unfortunately don't know where you can get this exact rail kit in the rest of the world though.

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Enjoy the video!


  1. 6:56: Clever…

  2. where the heck did you go. can’t just leave all your fans hangin like that
    lol good to see you back

  3. Steve Ramsey says “Paint the door purple” !!

  4. Now I am waiting for the video where you motorize the door and can open and
    close it by using a remote control or button on the wall

  5. yep I spotted that too!

  6. …and add pocket holes.

  7. Microjig !! 😉

  8. seen it as well, looks like I’m not to old to learn new tricks lol and yes
    it was very clever

  9. Extra Fancy!!!!!!

  10. He just hung his door why can’t he hang his fan(s :-))

  11. and he will need a speaker to go swish when it opens on it’s own.

  12. Great trick with the magnets at 6:56

  13. A foot pedal device

  14. HOLD THE DOOR!! Marius! HoLD THE DOOR!!!

  15. Magnets! How do they work!?

  16. agree, while you are holding the door to hook up to the bolt, the dropping
    washers may be annoying… 🙂

  17. Hodor… Insider

  18. That’s lazy… He needs a motion sensor.

  19. That’s the power of german engineering 😉

  20. 12:43 “The manual theat comes with it, that I didn’t read, is really well
    written and easy to understand”.
    Ha ha…

  21. nice touch with the magnet-clamps

  22. If you don’t apply finish, dirty hands will mark the handle!

  23. Sehr nett, Marius! Kein mehr schlagen :o)

  24. instantsiv with face recognition

  25. Fun video – nice craftsmanship and humor!

  26. Princess Meow Meow approves!

  27. Good job on workmanship and putting the video together –
    Clear coat it -Done!

  28. good work man 👍👍👍

  29. This video was very satisfying to watch. Awesome job!

  30. very Nice congrats

  31. Varnish or seal the door with poly urethane to protect against dirt and
    keep the wood grain atractive.

  32. nice video, but i dont see you install the door lock

  33. There is no door lock. There’s a door catch in the rail

  34. Wizard3579//Minecrafter55//Crafter9119


  35. machine : as smoother as better, should not make a door too smoothly,
    because it will run too fast and to clash and noisy…You should brake it
    by rubber

  36. Wow! U are great! I feel appreciated that U r willing to share it with us!

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