Incredible Woodworker and His Workshop

Playing by his own rules for over forty years, master woodworker Edward Wohl has created a world-renowned line of Birdseye maple cutting boards. Meet the designer and the unique, home-based workshop he has carved out for himself in the beautiful driftless region of Wisconsin. Ed's website:

Dietrich Gosser:


  1. This is my dream. A nice property, a shop next to my house and a loving
    family to come home to

  2. you and me alike !

  3. Thomas Anton Geurts (woodworking)

    Beautiful video, enjoyed it very much!

  4. You are the Bob Ross of woodworking!

  5. A genius with a sense of humor.

  6. Wow….it’s like my dream.

  7. Nakashimas original tables sell for 100k plus

  8. What a pleasant guy. Enjoyable video, thanks.

  9. What beautiful ideas executed brilliantly!

  10. Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French

    Great video!

  11. Your love goes into your work and it shows !

  12. You are definitely an Artist. Great eyes and great hands. What style.

  13. Nice work. But still work . I bet the prices are up there too !

  14. Beautiful quality furniture.

  15. Working with wood is like therapeutic treatment for your mind.

  16. Who is disliking this video… welders?

  17. Yeah, I was surprised too.

  18. +Darkest Star They must really hate beavers

  19. Spring Green is a very pretty area; not every square inch of Wisconsin is

  20. the people missing out on all the birds eye maple that this guy is buying up

  21. wow….awesome…

  22. I actually just picked up a nice pair of Whol’s sandwhich boards from a
    local fine arts shop in St. Paul. very nicely done pieces, smooth and just
    texturally nice.

  23. Glad to hear it!

  24. Great lifestyle Matt you look really nice people, but you can keep the
    Tennis that is hard work.

  25. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Nice eye for proportion.

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