1. Wood-N-Metal Workshop `

    Thanks for showing this, it is very much like how I have my boxes set up.

  2. Randy Richard In The Shop

    I need more boxes.

  3. Shows that great minds think alike. Thanks!

  4. Doesn’t everyone? I think between Paula and I we are at 4. Thanks for
    watch Randy.

  5. Wood-N-Metal Workshop `

    LOL, I have 2 HF 44’s, 2 craftsman uppers, 2 smaller craftsman lowers, 1
    large craftsman lower, 2 kennedy lowers and a side box, and 1 Gestner 11
    drawer. only the 2 Kennedy’s are not full or close to it.

  6. Tom Zelickman (Inspiration Metalworks)

    I think that’s a great balance between organization and space, R.J. So when
    are you coming to my shop to help me get this place straightened up? 😉

    Thanks for sharing, sir. It will definitely help as I make the move to the
    new space.
    Tom Z

  7. It will probably be around April’ish. Just leave the stuff on the table
    until then.I hope it helps you think about how to do it. I have made
    changes since I filmed it, and I now have ideas for more changes.And FYI if
    you want to get your views up, do a video or two about the HF 44 in box.
    Crazy numbers.

  8. Roberson Merriweather

    Thanks for the demonstration of practicality RJ.
    Nice video.

  9. Thanks for a tour of your tools boxes and for a very good discussion on the
    pros and cons of the different ways of organising tools. Much food for

  10. Thanks for checking out my channel. I love the box, and it is good to look
    at it from time to time to see if you can improve it. I have a few changes
    in mind. Stay tuned. R.J.

  11. question is when your working on a job site with another person would you
    keep latering them use your tools time after time

  12. you should at least have painted the flower tin in the file drawer

  13. That is a tough one. At some point you have to cut the cord I would
    think. I am lucky working in my own shop with my tools. Good Luck.

  14. Nice catch. That is a temporary tin to hold my small deburring stones.
    Temporary, aka it has been in there for 3 years. As the saying goes, there
    is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution! Thanks for watching.

  15. Your video motivated me to buy a bigger tool chest and organize it the
    RIGHT way. Thanks for posting.

  16. Great to hear. Good luck with the new box. And good luck keeping it
    organized! Thanks for watching.R.J.

  17. i like the husky boxes they better material then the craftsman tool boxes
    which fall apart and you cant get replacement parts i threw one away
    because of that they didnt make the drawer slides any more

  18. about tool org? u have a ugly mess

  19. Sixandafter Records

    Your input is appreciated. Even though we might all know all this the fact
    you took the time to make a video about is pretty awesome

  20. heey…how much fr dis kit and…from whr can i get it..plzzz reply fast i
    really need it…

  21. i read “ideas about stool storage” i dont know why i clicked it after
    reading that wrong though.
    my tools are all organised untill i start working … its like a hurricane

  22. You can borrow any of my tools you want, but if you need to borrow it more
    than twice you need to buy your own. I’m not going to be the only guy
    dropping big money on good tools just so nobody else has to.

  23. Haahaa I have the same US General box…similar organization. I have an
    issue with my plier and screwdriver drawers

  24. Hi, how is the maneuverability of the HF tool drawer? Do the wheels have
    bearings and do they swivel 360? I’m thinking of buying one soon. Thank you
    for posting!

  25. Matt, I am happy with the maneuverability. I don’t know if the wheels have
    bearings or if the are just bushings. There are zerk fittings on the
    casters. And yes the swivel 360 degrees. Good luck with your box purchase.

  26. Damn clutter

  27. +R.J.’s workshop

  28. +R.J.’s workshop

  29. +Roberson Merriweather

  30. homewithtanya

  31. I’m a carpenter/cabinetmaker and keep all my mechanics tools in boxes to
    keep them from getting covered with sawdust. I just bought a 200pcs husky
    mechanics set in metal box. All the tools inside come organized in flimsy
    plastic trays but it works well. Some hand tools just go in drawers of
    other tool boxes. Power tools go on metal shelving. Also hang a lot of hand
    tools on large board on wall-it’s really easy to reorganize the wall tools
    by just moving screws around to hang stuff.

  32. From Sears

  33. Pliers! Go to the 99 cent store and get a small plate dryer/holder.

  34. Randy Richard In The Shop yep I could use a couple more lol

  35. I’m looking at picking up this 44″ toolbox at HF in a few days (big sale,
    marked down to $349). Have you had any problems with your box?

  36. I have not had any problems. If I needed another I would certainly go buy
    this same box again. Good Luck with it and thanks for watching.

  37. Thanks. I am going to start with something like that and see how it goes
    from there.

  38. I do have some large shelving for larger power tools etc. I mostly work
    with metal, but I am with you on everything needs to be in a box or
    covered. There is nothing worse than having stuff covered in grit. Thanks
    for watching.

  39. Joe Robinson (GettinJunkDone)

    Great ideas RJ. I like the 70% mentality.

  40. Richard Cucuta Henriquez

    kyle pitts I’ve had mines for over two years and I have no problems. I’m a
    tech at a dealer and use it everyday. Great for the price and gets the job

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