How to Use Basic Woodworking Tools : What Is a Jointer Used For?

How to understand what projects to use a jointer for; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on woodworking tools in this free instructional video.

Expert: Kevin Mouton
Bio: Kevin Mouton has spent the last four years making custom, high end, solid wood and veneer furniture for local and national clients out of a shop in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Paul Raila


  1. (continued from last comment)…On the other hand, with a jointer, there’s
    no feed rollers pressing the warp out of the board or making it rock around
    as the blades cut it. You use your hands, and with those you can keep the
    board stable and not press down too much on it. Thus, the board will
    “float” over the knives, and a flat reference face will be created, which
    is then put down against the planer’s table, and the knives on the planer
    knock off all the high spots. (continued in next comment).

  2. (continued from last comment)…Also, a few comments below someone said
    this was an unsafe technique. That is also incorrect. Obviously you don’t
    want to have no blade guard on the machine, and you want to use a push
    block or push stick instead of your fingers. If you do this safely it’s not
    dangerous and again, a planer will not create a flat face unless you find a
    way to stabilize the board as it goes through the planer. (continued for
    one more post)…

  3. (continued from last post)…One important point to remember besides the
    fact that planers can’t hold a board steady and create a perfectly flat
    face is this: If jointers were only meant for edges of boards, the biggest
    jointer would probably be about 4 or 5 inches. And they make them up to
    16-20 inches. Why? Because you don’t use a planer to flatten. You use a
    jointer to do that and then you let the planer knock off the high spots on
    the opposite face. That’s how it’s done.

  4. I hire people to do carpentry because I AM NOT A CARPENTER! I have a basic
    toolbox to do basic tasks around the house that are within my ability. Some
    of you guys are gonna end up in the emergency room.

  5. @bedofrazorsqwerty I think you just won comment of the year… 

  6. How nice for you. I would hope you realize that some people are interested
    in learning new skills and want to actually work with their hands. Why even
    comment? You’re just demonstrating completely unnecessary cynicism. Just
    because you don’t have any skills doesn’t mean that others don’t.

  7. Shouldn’t it have a guard cause it would help cause u could slip machine
    machine is running hand lands on blades

  8. He looks and sounds like Paul Rudd

  9. was just thinking the same thing haha

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  12. how is this different from a planer? or are they the same?

  13. anybody else catch that, “sape offeration”

  14. I personally never trust advice from expert village. In my experience it is
    rarely if ever decent advice. There might be some tidbits in there that are
    worth hearing but overall not good.

  15. its Antman

  16. I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

  17. Props for the vid! It finally helped me figure out something I was stuck
    with. I haven’t started with Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible yet, but I googled
    and downloaded it. Good luck!

  18. thank you for this demonstration! i was confused about jointers and
    planers, and i appreciate the video. I will also add that you are cute as
    hell!! Ignore the negative comments, why they are here? I have no idea.
    Just know you’re helping a lot of us out there!

  19. My works too. Used woodprix handbooks and build it with no problems.

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