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How to Use Basic Woodworking Tools : Using a Table Saw

How to properly use a table saw; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on woodworking tools in this free instructional video.

Expert: Kevin Mouton
Bio: Kevin Mouton has spent the last four years making custom, high end, solid wood and veneer furniture for local and national clients out of a shop in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Paul Raila

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  1. am I the only one who never does anything recommended by Expert Village? It
    seems like everyone one of their videos is done by the village idiot…

  2. @shon9514 I agree. I was in woodworking in high school and the first thing
    we learned was to be safe.

  3. quit whining. That was a fine demonstration. Just because he didn’t spend
    20 minutes on safety does not mean it was a bad video. I have been using a
    table saw for years now and I have never used a push stick till now. It is
    quite safe not to use one.

  4. Not trying to be confrontational, but….I clicked this video months ago
    because of the title, I assumed it was for beginners, as a pro wouldn’t
    need to learn ‘basic wo tools-table saw’ Would you encourage a beginner,
    such as your son to ‘never use a push stick? Does it hurt to use one? 20
    minutes? ..seconds. Although, is it a ‘cool’ thing? wouldn’t want to be any
    less of a man now, have fun, watch ur fingers. Why are you using a stick
    now, no tips? Peace.

  5. I agree you must be safe. But what is being said in these comments is not
    necessary. And for your information I am the son who learned this way. A
    push stick is only necessary if you don’t have much room for your fingers.
    in this video he had plenty.

  6. I’m with you really, I’m not one to knock ppl trying to help others. I’m a
    Sheet Mtl worker by trade and have witnessed plenty of bloody accidents.
    It’s good you still have all your fingers and are smart enough to notice
    the extra room and to keep your fingers away. Some beginners may not be so
    observant or as careful as you. It is nice ppl can learn anything online
    and I don’t want to discourage anyone on either end, teacher or student.
    Peace Man.

  7. You are right. Beginners may not see. I concur.

  8. I can’t see anything for these annoying captions!

  9. nice to see an expertvillage video that doesnt suck

  10. @morganbowen No you don’t. The blade always cuts at a downward angle. The
    blade height has no bearing on kickback. It should be adjusted just above
    the height of the wood for a smoother cut. You only need a push stick if
    the piece you are cutting is very close to the blade. As long as you curl
    your fingers around the rip fence there is no risk of your hand getting
    pulled in and cut by the blade.

  11. One thing I always do is roll up my sleeves. If this guys sleeve caught
    that blade, it would be all over for him.

  12. @Ryanty12 yes it does, you use push sticks, they can get cut up a lot more
    than you finger, and you can make more of them

  13. @woods7878 user should be using a push stick unless cutting something like
    large sheets of plywood

  14. @JoshuaZamora Thank you so much for recommending me that program at the
    site: TopWoodWorking.info It made my wooden artwork perfectly good and the
    quality was great. Thanks to that book and videos which guided me
    throughout the process..:))

  15. Long sleeve, inches from the blade?

  16. If you are going to post a demonstration on how to use a table saw then you
    owe it to the viewers to do so in a safe manner. This demonstration failed
    on that end. Long sleeves. They weren’t real loose but they were long and
    could have gotten caught in the blade. He should of at least mentioned it
    as this demo is meant for beginners. No blade guard !!! Ripping a board
    less than 6 ” ,some say 4 use a push stick. He would have fine. But no
    blade guard so he should have used a push stick. I

  17. 6 to 4 inches is the minimum without a push stick. Most say 6 some say
    4″.Had he had a blade guard fine. No blade guard ? Then he should of used a
    push stick. And to the guy who says the blade should be all the way up ??
    Seriously ? Really ? Ha. The blade being high is easier on the saw but more
    dangerous than a blade just clearing the wood. Some say the gullet should
    be flush with the top of the wood being cut.

  18. Recently cut off the tip of my thumb during kick back. I couldn’t find my
    pushstick. It’ll be fine right? Use your damn pushsticks people (For those
    interested: Reattached, works fine. No feeling though. Could have been much
    worse. Sucks to not be able to feel screws you’re trying to pick up)

  19. I liked the video and I liked the notes.
    The video was informative for the 1-2-3 basics.
    The notes were informative for the additional safety comments. 

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