How to Use Basic Woodworking Tools : Making a Wood Box

How to expertly make a wood box; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on woodworking tools in this free instructional video.

Expert: Kevin Mouton
Bio: Kevin Mouton has spent the last four years making custom, high end, solid wood and veneer furniture for local and national clients out of a shop in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Paul Raila


  1. nightbaneinferno

    I like the technique you used to make this box it reminds me of the shoe
    cubbies or a simple shadow box…I must admit Mister DIY that you are

  2. is this as strong as finger joints or dovetails I want to build a large
    speaker cabinet for my guitar amplifier. I am new to wood working projects

  3. Only gluing the biscuits and not the entire joint surface would make this a
    very, very weak joint – biscuits are intended to be alignment aids, not
    floating tenons.

  4. Always use expertvillage to know what not to do; worst teaching aid ever…

  5. Would you make a video about how to properly use, and read, the dial, on a
    metal protractor from General tools. I am having great difficulty using it
    along with a sliding bevel square, and the two used together. your help
    would be most appreciated. thanks

  6. Hi Mr Chan YK . :)

  7. Where is the beginning????? how do you make the slots If I knew that I
    wouldn’t be watching

  8. You are probably very good at making a wooden box… Just that you suck
    when it comes to making a video on how to do it -_- 

  9. What’s with the commercials????

  10. MORON!

  11. I searched for “worst woodworking” and this was the top hit!

  12. i made it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that
    website :)))

  13. Congratz, looks beautiful. I’ve also been busy woodcrafting with Hyezmar’s
    book (look for it online?) Mark agrees, he’s been busy and is swamped with
    new projects!

  14. Go to woodprix if you’d like to build it yourself.

  15. I checked a lot of woodworking handbooks. Those from woodprix are the best.

  16. im sure you’ll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix

  17. Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google
    for ‘woodprix’ website:)

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