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In this video I show how to use a jointer.
The most frustrating woodworking tool to use for beginners is easily the jointer. If this tool is not set up correctly it is possible to waste a lot of time and wood in trying to get flat, even edges. In this video we show what to set the jointer knives to, and what wood planer techniques will work in getting good results from your jointer.
If your lumber is not flat and even it can be dangerous to run it though a table saw before it has been edged and flattened which I will show you on my Delta Jointer.

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  1. Thanks Colin, sound advice!!

  2. good video but i set the knives and then set the out feed table height to the blades so i dont get snipe.  run two boards across your jointer and then put them face to face.  if there are no gaps then you have your jointer correctly set.  i do explain this on my own channel.

  3. Thanks Liam, and thanks for helping out Phishy96 … sometimes I forget names in the middle of a video and plan to go back and re-shoot, but I do forget so nice to have some experienced buddies, like you and Derek watching my back … thanks Buddy 🙂

  4. Yup, that’s an option that a few people use … glad you related it for us 🙂

  5. Heeeeeeeey

  6. Thanks for the video. I was having trouble with my jointer and it was getting frustrating to the point I was about to give up on it. Everywhere I looked it said the blades needed to be even with the outfeed table. I adjusted them just like this video said and it worked perfectly.

  7. You are excellent in explaining your videos . You remind me of my shop teacher . Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed

  9. Glad to hear … thanks for the note

  10. Thank you, I bought a used jointer and it’s just sat. Didn’t know how to use it, now I do!

  11. thank you very much for explaining a joiner in an easy way. I really appreciate your videos!

  12. Great video. I’m a newbie and I thought this device was something totally different until seeing this video. Am I correct, is this a planer?

  13. This is a jointer. A planer is a similar idea of using saw blades to flatten a face, but the blades are above the wood and the assumption is that the face the wood is lying on is already flat (has already gone through a jointer). See video #8 in this series.

  14. great video!!

  15. i have made diy jointer , its makes a pefect 90degree board but have a bow in middle of board , any ideas whats wrong ?

  16. Thanks for the video. But I think it would be helpful to actually describe how you are pushing the wood through the jointer. In other words what directions you are applying force and how much force you are applying. My understanding is that you should apply as little downwards force as necessary to grip the wood, as otherwise you will deform the wood and it will spring back on exiting the jointer. you should apply downwards force on the out feed table but not the infeed.

  17. bmxriderforlife1234

    i have a question? say i had a 4 inch think slab of hardwood and wanted to split in into 2 just under 2 inch thick slabs, how would one go about doing that without super expensive equipment? would it be possible to do with a chain saw or is there a specific type of handsaw i could buy?

    and as for a jointer, how much would one able to do something like a desk or bar top cost? or is there another power tool way of doing it?

  18. Thanks for the video! The article mentioned in the description is no longer available.

  19. Having the same problem on a benchtop jointer. I feel as though it may be how you push the wood through the jointer that is causing the bow.

  20. Table saw would be ideal.

  21. Peter Trentacoste

    I bought a planer and now I am finding out I need a jointer. May I ask what kind of jointer are you using in the video. As a beginner which joiner would you recommend.

  22. Māris Bērziņš

    Real source. Surplus of verbs missing. I like it.

  23. So you never put the crown side of the lumber across the blades? And how much pressure, if any, are you putting on the board when you’re running it over the blades? Thanks!

  24. I never knew Mr. Deity was a woodworker! Great, informative video.

  25. I’m not sure who Mr. Deity is, but thanks for watching drizzleFoot321

  26. Memo1977 Bahbahani

    hi I want to buy one Do you advise me ridgid jp0610 planer, 6-1/8-inch

  27. I just put together my first jointer yesterday, found this video and thank you….. now I understand the next steps of checking the knives and the tables and the square…very helpful. and of course I like the comments, too, it alllll helps me.

  28. I just purchased a Shop Fox…and while it took a long time to get back in stock, it has high ratings and reviews…so I am crossing my fingers ….it is sure well made…but maybe they all are.

  29. +Susan Goodman Thanks for watching, I’m glad the video helped!

  30. I learned this at ENGAGED ENCOUNTER.
    “Please take this in the spirit it is intended.
    (compliment – truth)
    I love your videos. They are very informative and helpful. Thank-you.
    But I think your messages might engage more people if you made several slight improvements.
    1. Microphone and echo. Investing in a wearable mic to reduce echo – as well as dampening material in your shop / studio.
    2. Lighting. Tips from Matthias Wandel on lighting are excellent.
    3. Rehearsed script. Don’t hesitate to stop/backup and re-PERFORM a section if you flub or UH or UM.
    Filmora makes it effortless to edit out the flubs, UM or UH…’
    Thanks for listening. Thanks for sharing.

    …. ok, ready, set HATERS…GO!

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