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If you don't have access to a whole workshop of woodworking machinery like we do here, you can still get a lot done with some handheld power tools. And I've got two of those right here. One is called a jigsaw, and the other is a handheld circular saw.

First, let's look at the jigsaw. The purpose of the jigsaw is to cut out curved shapes, and that's why it has a narrow blade. This narrow blade moves in an up and down motion cutting on the upstroke, and that's why the blades are shaped the way they are, with the teeth facing up. And you can put a variety of different blades in these tools. This one is a coarse blade for doing very aggressive rough cutting of thick wood. And you can put in finer blades when you're working on materials like plywood. If you have veneer on the face of that plywood, you don't want to use the rough cut. It'll just get torn out.

Now on my jigsaw I have a couple different settings and they're all different depending on the manufacturer. But there's some different speed settings, depending on what you're doing. And my fence down here is adjustable. You can bevel this table and put it on an angle.

Now what I thought I would do is, we would just do a quick demo to show you how to hold the jigsaw when you're working, how to safely position it and make a cut through a piece of plywood. We'll just do a curve, just demonstrate how that works.

To safely position the jigsaw on your workpiece, you have to be making contact with the base plate. And if you're not, if you're tipped off and angled in either direction, it's going to catch on the blade and bounce around and feel very unstable, and also not give you a good cut.

So at the beginning of the cut, this is really challenging. You don't have a lot of base plate to balance on, so you really have to focus on keeping this tool level, until you get into the cut and can get on the rest of the base plate. So let's try and keep the base level.

OK. That worked out pretty well. Now one thing you also have to keep in mind when you're cutting is positioning your clamps. I almost ran into my clamp there. And these have to be kept out of the way of your work as you're moving along.

The workpiece really does have to be held down very securely though in order for the jigsaw to do it's job. It will bounce around on you if it's not. Never freehand these, in that you're holding the wood with your hand. Always clamp down.


  1. can you please post a video about what to do if i cut my finger off? 

  2. Wtf


  4. 1. yup 2. umm nope you have youre hands far away from it 3. if i ripped of
    2 fingers i have 8 left not 9

  5. Didn’t talk about how to put the blades in or anything actually helpful at
    all. The blade isn’t designed pointing up because a jigsaw cuts on an up
    motion, it’s the other way around. You could get a blade that goes the
    other way if you tried. Put more effort into a next video

  6. You are standing at the side while the jig saw moved. YOu have to stand
    behind it and get your angles correct before you move. The wood may snap
    from it’s anchor point and you could get your abdomen cut or even your
    lower body . hope this help.

  7. I usually despair at the safety nazis on YouTube, but really, where are
    your safety glasses? One chip in your eye, you could lose vision. It
    happens all the time. And unless you want to develop a case of deafness or
    Tinnitus, ear plugs are good.

  8. Is it because she is married why you guys are going down so hard on her?
    Why all that negative crap?

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  10. Its very refreshing to see a woman do carpentry, yay!!! I’m female too, so
    good morale boost here. This was a very to-the-point video, no time
    wasted, and you showed how it was done, so thank you very much! I was not
    using a clamp and did not know how to pin the wood down.

    One thing you may want to add, is that most blades have upward facing teeth
    for wood cutting. However for laminate or veneers, you want the downward
    cutting teeth so that the laminate or veneer does not chip off on the
    upstroke. These laminate blades are not as fast as upward teeth blades, but
    they make a cleaner cut.

  11. Why do you need a moral boost just to do carpentry work? Men just do it. No
    big deal. Btw aren’t you suppose to unplug the power cord when you change
    blades? Rest assured its not unmanly to be safety conscious girl.

  12. Very help full, Thank You

  13. hey theres a female woodworker who does great youtube videos, April
    Willkinson is her name, or something similar to that check her out

  14. I’m really surprised that for a video about jig saw safety, the instructor
    is not wearing: safety glasses, a resporator, or ear protection. To boot,
    she appears to be in a closed environment but did not mention using any
    kind of a ventilation system for the power tool.

    Personally, I don’t care if other people don’t bother with basic safety
    measures for their personal use, but if you’re going to make a video for
    complete noobs, and mention safety precautions several times within a few
    minutes of the video, you should be setting a better example.

  15. thank you very much

  16. No, it´s not challenging, but seeing basic things done improperly (not even
    using safety glasses and saying that the orbital action switch is for
    adjusting the speed, for example) in a “teaching” enviroment is totally

  17. +Jack’s Tutorials Yes, everyone knows her. It is Wilkerson. She’s practical
    and jumps right in, quite fearless.

  18. She is demoing the way to hold and operate a jigsaw, and explaining its
    parts. She is not doing a project, so we can excuse this I think.

  19. Do you need to put someone down for a good tool demo? Go make your own
    perfect video moron!

  20. Angelito Talaver Jr

    safety first.

    She demonstrated while the tools plug-in.

  21. Very charismatic

  22. I made it myself. Just go to woodprix webpage if you’d like do the same

  23. sort of like zelda shop music

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