How to Make Wood Shelves for Your Garage or Basement

Neal Sher of Woodsmyths of Chicago demonstrates a basic and functional storage shelf. A project like this is a great way to get started in woodworking, plus it's needed in just about any home!


  1. Don’t waste time watching this

  2. The host was good.

  3. boring

  4. This is hard to watch. Very awkward.

  5. It seems a little overkill for just a basement shelf, I don’t have a table saw, but it does look good.  I think it was a little awkward and could have been edited shorter, but I learned some cool little tips.

  6. I would assume most who view these videos are beginners; unfortunately this lacked enough dialogue and instruction for me to be interested.

  7. Get rid of the background music.

  8. omgah this was just a horrible learning experience….that poor host!

  9. So You Want To Learn How To

    Lets not be so harsh!  It is easier to criticize than do.  He is probably scared half to deaf!!!

  10. So You Want To Learn How To

    or death… just depends on your point of view.  Besides, perhaps it is too basic for you! 😉

  11. I’ve watched a few of these videos & the flippant, immaturity of the host borders on disrespectful. I doubt he’s ever had a real job. Get rid of the music. Get rid of the huge microphone & the self absorbed arrogant ham of a host holding it. Then maybe Sears could put together a professional DIY show.

  12. that’s exactly what I thought. it was totally awkward. Specially at 6:58 “would you like me to suck you off”. and they both time to time crossed looked at the camera guy or someone.

  13. “what in the world u doing on ur computer”……lol

  14. I just fell asleep.

  15. +Ameen Muhammad

  16. I really enjoyed this video and I like his hat too 😀

  17. Remember the old adage. “Those who can do and those who can’t teach”.

  18. Wow BORING

  19. +dan andy Seems like the gentlmen doing everything and teaching everything can do both, the other guy can hold a microphone lol! informational video thumbs up

  20. +23EAA You are being very generous to the instructor/woodworker, and that is a good thing.

  21. Wow, this video started out awkward and never got better.

  22. 18:40 he couldve made the red piece of wood longer so he couldve mesure them to its place all at once

  23. Very true. I hoped I wasn’t the only one who noticed his attitude. “Right”.

  24. He’s an instructor for wood working that is not good with math and runs his left hand right over the blade area while cutting the dado’s….And the title should read “How to make very weak and over complicated wood shelves for your garage or basement”

  25. Well, I needed something to put me to sleep. Oh, made in 2011. That makes sense why hes holding a mic. At least they showed every step. Every. Single. Step. And that music, catchy or what??

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