How to make wood Corner Clamps!

D.I.Y. Wood Clamps, Home made corner clamps! Use in cabinet making and building plywood boxes. Easy way to clamp those tough sheet goods together during construction.

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Please watch: "build a tablesaw sled in 10 minutes"



  1. What would you charge me to send me 8 clamps and 16 wedges? Don’t have all my tools set up yet, this would be a big help in getting my cabinets and shelves done. Thanks Vinnie

  2. I am flattered but just don’t have time things are pretty crazy balancing the shop, video and a big family takes up all of my time

  3. Neave Constantine


  4. Thank you 

  5. These are brilliant.  You could market and sell these – if you hadn’t shown us how to make them lol.

  6. +Mick S ha ha, i am here to share not make a ton of money. glad you like them Mick

  7. +izzy swan Would you settle for half a ton?

  8. yes.. 

  9. +Mick S Izzy, you state in the video that for the base clamps you leave the tang on and that you will explain why in a latter video.  Did you ever make that video, as I can’t find it? Also, these make excellent clamps for joining those ever creeping pocket hole joints 🙂

  10. Wedgies and levers were how god and Archimedes built the world.

  11. Are you suggesting God gave Archimedes a wedgie?

  12. free-simple-yet so powerfull.
    this is the best. (liked and subed)

  13. I like using the hot glue to hold things. Thats smart!

  14. Superb Izzy, as always.

  15. Muy Bueno !!, Gracias por compartir. Saludos

  16. thanks for sharing..

  17. KUDOS

  18. You are a classical thinker and maker with the laws of physics at your finger tips. I would buy a set of your corner clamps right now because I don’t have a nice table saw. Love the THINK sign on your wall.

  19. What’s the angle used for the clamps and “receiving end” of the clamps? Can you also provide thickness of your material? I have some scraps of 5/8″ and I’m wondering if it’s going to be strong enough.

  20. Dude! that’s my hat!

  21. Just made a set. You’re not BS’ing, they’re simple, easy to make and work great. Thanks.

  22. Awesome….made 8 of it and assembled by box….Thanks a lot for this idea 🙂

  23. awesome

  24. Incredibly simple …love it! Once again, thanks for sharing!!

  25. You say you appreciate us watching your videos. Well, I’m going to say I appreciate your videos. I recently used this design for repairing some drawers and couldn’t remember where I got the idea until I saw this video, again. Thank you very much.

  26. Great idea! I’ll definitely be making several

  27. great idea it took me like one day to screw my tool cabinet and after all it came out so messy and not aligned ……very brilliant !!!!

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