How to make circular saw at home

Learn how to make mini circular saw at home using materials like cardboard sheet, Styrofoam, metal plate and 9 volt motor. almost material you can get from home or junkyard.

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Note : Safety and Creativity can not be separated. So keep them together.


  1. The Bounty Hunters

    finally a hacking tool to torture my enemies

  2. How do you still have hands ?

  3. CretuPaul H-made weapons

    or to kill Jews…

  4. The Bounty Hunters


  5. +Cretu Paul Nah, gassing the jews is a better option.

  6. Vladimir Rybolov

    Жду, когда этому “очумельцу” этот “диск” в голову воткнулся, чтобы всякую херню людям не показывал.

  7. you guys are sick. Just watch out for dexter and other people who kill murderers

  8. what kind of motor is it?

  9. Junkyard - Origin of Creativity

    +Brian Kramer 12 volt DC motor.

  10. +Junkyard – Origin of Creativity I know its 12V DC, but what is it out of?

  11. +CretuPaul H-made weapons or to cut your little penis off😂

  12. Dude remeber, that you fucking can´t slow video under 30 fps…

  13. Junkyard - Origin of Creativity

    +The_Ultraviolet see my latest videos in high quality

  14. Yes, it was €50 on kinguin (60 on steam) and I had some left over money from my birthday (I got the XFX Radeon RX 480) so I bought it 😀

  15. +KiemPlant Games Lucky git

  16. que buena creatividad

  17. TOUBO YouTube channel

    오 한국말로 해주셔서 감사합니다.

  18. where did you get the moder

  19. Junkyard - Origin of Creativity

    +Jez lol from electrical toys

  20. You could have made a more accurate cut in half the time with a traditional hand saw.

  21. “Real Men” don’t have 10 Fingers…

  22. 3:19 How did you make the Circular Saw Sound for this video ?

  23. good chenel

  24. hahaha

  25. exactly what i needed, an automatic toothbrush!

  26. Brian Kramer نهيخيهنثنمميمييهستسك

    يا رب يا رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام عليكم يا بنات جميلات

  27. ska wziąc taki sliniczek ?

  28. Декатов Арсений

    Faris Spear lol

  29. Декатов Арсений

    Vladimir Rybolov Наконец-то! Хотя бы один русский!

  30. Playing with such dangerous thing with cardboards :)…if the blade burst out of the cardboard and cut off your hands there is no turning back and you will lose it for lifetime just for a small project like that…don’t try this at home unless you have good safety gear

  31. رضا الرحمن غايتي

    +body Khaled

    اتقي الله
    انت قلت الصلاة والسلام على البنات
    استغفر الله العظيم
    الصلاة والسلام على رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

  32. Junkyard – Origin of Creativity how do you turn the motor on and off

  33. should of made a handle

  34. KiemPlant Games

  35. +Markus Næs Hi?

  36. محمد العراقي

    الي يتمنى يسوي مثله ومآ يقدر😂لايك

  37. sweet hamster kupić lub ze starej wiertarki albo podobnego urządzenia

  38. sweet hamster 2 miesiące czekałeś na taką prostą odpowiedź xd

  39. zrobiłeś. coś takiego jak na odcinku?

  40. how do u get power supply

  41. i think we were all thinking the same thing. if that thing flyes out of there, that paper guard won’t hold it

  42. 12/12 safe

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