“How To” Make A Wooden Sign Like This (Oak Wood)

I will show you how to make a wooden sign just like this one. Follow me as i make this sign, which i will be giving as a gift.

By the way, i use a 60 degree M8 router bit, for the carvings. Bits with wider angles can also be used, but for the small text/decorations i do, this one is much better.

Since i only have a GoPro camera to shoot with, my voice is'nt always very clear. So i choose to text the video with subtitles.

I hope you will enjoy, maby get inspired? And hopefully head out to your garage/workshop afterwards.


  1. You’re cutting that freehand? Wow! They have stencils for that.

  2. beautiful job

  3. Music is too loud, can’t hear you.

  4. You still make beautiful signs, even without safety glasses.

  5. Tom Petty – Mary Jane 😉

  6. النصر أو الشهاده

    I want to know the price of this painting in Euros

  7. Hello. It’s around 128 Euro’s.

  8. I cant watch..where is your eye protection

  9. Great to see that woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

  10. John Coonradt jr.5

    What router bit did you use

  11. Hello John. I used a 60 degree router bit for this sign.

  12. beautiful job!

  13. can you adjust the music level, I can’t here you and have trouble with subtitles

  14. Hello Jessica, and thank you for your message. Unfortunately i can not adjust the music level for you, and you are not the only one who has been asking me that. I only have a very small camera to record my videos, and it has a poor microphone, thats why my voice is so quiet. My only advice, to you, would be to pause the video whenever you need to read the text. I hope this could help you. Best wishes, Dennis

  15. You had me at Tom Petty.

  16. i thought it was going to be edubble with tired

  17. Its easier to use the router at fixed depth instead of plunging all the time. Simply lifting the router to next letter is best I find.

  18. I thought you had to use templates to make this look any good.  Had no idea you could do work this nice by just guiding it with your hands.

  19. I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

  20. This was really cool to watch!

  21. Gee Man YG Bunch

    Beautiful work brah! 😃

  22. Very nice job.

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