How to make a Wood Strip Cutter

This video shows how I made a Wood Strip Cutter in a few easy steps. This is a very useful tool for model making. I use this tool to cut balsa wood strips when I build model boats and model aircrafts. This is the most efficient, accurate and affordable method I found so far. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information. Thank you for watching my video.


  1. Very good presentation and a good idea as well. Thank you for sharing this
    with us.

  2. would this work for leather?

  3. what is the material that you cut? it is white so I am confused by the
    color. If it is wood, then what kind of wood? Thanks

  4. +John Conrad its balsa wood, that’s why you can cut it so easily with just
    a razor.

  5. I could see using this same tool on foam-core as well. Great design!

  6. If the razor is sharp then it should

  7. Nice video. Good idea, good cutter. What was the thickness of the balsa


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  10. What about a ruler marking in the mobile piece?

  11. Such a simple idea, yet brilliant! Thanks for sharing, I will be making
    one, now.

  12. A great video , ” well explained ” thanks

  13. Might be great for cutting self stick floor tiles as well.

  14. Holy cow! That’s one good jig.

  15. Jose-Gregorio Velasquez

    Excellent. Thank you for sharing your cutter!!!

  16. Great idea to cut balsa wood.
    An improvement would be to use a lead screw to slide the blade. This will
    make the depth of cut adjustment very easy and precise.

  17. That was awesome

  18. Very cool

  19. Awesome. Just gotta get the blade and its made. THX

  20. Good stuff.

  21. he needs to patent and market this product. could make a lot of money off
    of it

  22. Excellent video!

  23. great idea… but will it cut rosewood?

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