How To Make A Shelf Pin Jig

I'll be making some workshop storage cabinets, so I thought it was a good time to build a shelf pin jig. The design is simple and easy to make, but is very versatile.
The pin spacing is 2" on centre and the jig is made to locate the pins 2" from the edges. The open slot and notches allow it to be used quickly, without lifting the router to find the next hole, which really makes a difference when you are doing a lot of holes.
More details on this project and many others at my website:


  1. Thank you!! Very smart jig!!! 

  2. yeah you made an overly complicated jig

  3. You should really consider showing the jig in its completed state and how
    its used before you show how to construct it. I was lost until I saw you
    were intending to use it with your router toward the end.

  4. Thanks John – another great jig that I will put to work immediately on some
    cabinets I’m making in my shop. Perfect timing!

  5. Great jig John. Those holes look a lot cleaner than my purchased brad bit
    index jig. Glad to see project in the new shop! 

  6. Well, since it’s really a basic project I’d assume that many of your
    viewers would be novices. I was just bored and wanted to see if someone had
    a new idea… but not to be. Made one similar 20 years ago out of Baltic
    birch one piece but sawed out for the router slot. Oak strip screwed on the
    sides for rigidity and registering. It wasn’t a criticism, just trying to
    help those who might not know what that extra hole was for. 

  7. John, A little off topic, but do you have a link that explains the use of
    the jig on your drill press, the one with the two vertical handle that
    appears most clearly at 2:05? I don’t think I’ve seen you use that. Thanks.
    Enjoy all your vids–I’m retired and just getting into wood working with my
    120 sq ft “shop” in the garage.

  8. Thanks Jay!

  9. Thanks! That’s the fence on my drill press table – details on that are on
    my website, and I have a video of it on here as well.

  10. Excellent jig . i think you choose a difficult way to do this

  11. I almost never do things the difficult way, but sometimes it’s difficult to
    show it (on video) so it looks easy. 

  12. Nice idee …john

  13. You’re right john . i always learn from your Videos .thank you for sharing

  14. Damn cleaver design! Wish I thought of it!

  15. Very useful… think I’ll make myself one. BTW – that shirt brought back
    many pleasant memories. Had one just like it. Didn’t think they printed
    them any more.

  16. Great delivery and use of hand gestures.

  17. Nice jig John. I’ve been a one man cabinet shop for many years now and I
    agree that cutting the holes with a downcut spiral with a router, cuts the
    cleanest holes, especially on the melamine board, which has a tendency to
    chip ,even using drill guides on a drill press.

  18. LOVE Canadian carpenters. I hadn’t thought of using my router for this. Now
    I have to check to see if mine allows the plunge.

  19. I’ve just used pegboard for shelf pin jigs for years. Quick and easy to cut
    to size and works great.

  20. Nice outfeed table.

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