1. well done…cool little trick with the stick jammed into the knife tip to make like a handle when actually shaving

  2. Really Great Video !!!! I mean it Really great job !!

  3. I love the video – very inspirational!  I’m always trying my hand at building things; I need to build a couple of carpenter horses.  Thanks for sharing.  

  4. Great job K, I’m a huge fan of yours, keep up the good work!! I have to ask you something, how old are you? 🙂 

  5. You’ll never believe this, but I have that same knife.

  6. Nice wood curving.
    keep it these works, I want more watch it.

  7. Great video Kenny!
    A shave horse like that would be handy to have!
    Were those Phillips screws? Whoever invented them should be given a slap about the head! Although they are better than a slot screw….
    All screws produced after say… 1965 (random number from my brain cell, OK my birth year…) should be Robertson! There I said it.
    Thanks for the video!

  8. thanks!

  9. The screws that were stripping were very shallow phillips. I prefer square drive but of course they’re more expensive than regular ones. Thanks for watching.

  10. Yep, learned that trick a few years ago. Works great.

  11. Kenny, Great video.  I enjoy the work you do.  You have a good skill for the woodworking you do.  However, I would like to point out a safety detail for you.  (I learned this out of painful experience years ago!)  At the point where you were drilling out the holes for the end boards, you leaned heavily with your knee on the horse and used force to drill into the boards.  It has been my experience, especially when you are applying force on an angled board like the leg of the horse, that the joint of the wood is extremely unreliable and could tear our or spread out suddenly and quickly.  A single screw like you have in there would not be strong enough to prevent it from coming apart.  If that happened, you could easily pitch forward and injure yourself in a forward fall.  Until an item is completely re-enforced, never apply a lot of weight on it.  Once your end boards are attached it is fine but never gamble that it will hold until then.  Also, you commented that you thought your bit was getting dull.  It looks like you were drilling into some sort of pressure treated wood.  I have noticed that when I work with PT wood, the solution embedded DOES make it harder to drill.  So, it may be the treatment itself in the wood and not your bits.  I always drill out a small “starter hole” in wood before I insert the screws.  It makes it easier to insert the screws neatly and uses less strain on the driver (either a powered driver like you used or your hands if you are using a hand screw driver).  Anyway, keep up the good work. You work on some very interesting projects and it is great seeing what you are doing.

  12. Those bits are not designed for wood but if about half way through with the bit if u will pull it out and let it clear itself it will go full depth easier and wont heat the bit as much . Once the channels in the bit are filled to drill farther it compacts the shavings and builds heat quickly . Great design for your shave horse , I think I’ll build me one now ! 

  13. Great. Vid very initiative iam Carson from surviving the wilds but iam shown as Carson drach and it’s is the Chanel whither the dessert Sean and I was just wondering if u could check are channel out and se what u think thanks and I love every vid u do thanks …:) :):):)

  14. Now that you have the shave horse you should look into a Mora Draw knife. It’s well worth it.

  15. Explorers Of The Wild

    Another good video Kenny, hey just out of curiosity is that the casio pathfinder 1500 you’re wearing in this vid? I just received my casio protrek 2500 today!! Casio make one hell of a watch!!

  16. i have seen lots of shave horses built.that is the fastest built one for sure i like it thanks for the vid

  17. Survival will pull thru

    +BraveTheWilds no way you are 16 you have to be older then that

  18. Good video.  Thanks a lot.

  19. LiveFreeAndBushcraft

    I enjoy how you always use what you have to build your projects.  Just getting it done.

  20. many thx, you made it look very easy, i will build one just like it, thx for the instrutions and carion the good work.

  21. Nice project do you have plans with dimensions?

  22. Great video! I will be making one here soon.
    I see 2nd Lt., jump master, and air assault patches on your field jacket. I’m assuming your Father’s or Uncle’s or some such? I think the woodland camo went out with the old men like me…LOL. I can’t say as I recall the unit patch though.
    Again, great video! It has helped me a lot. Thank you!

  23. Check woodprix instructions if you’d like to make it better and cheaper 🙂

  24. FawazALShehab

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