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How to Make a Perfectly Straight Cut in Wood with a Circular Saw

Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates for the beginner how to use a circular saw to make a perfectly straight cut in a piece of wood.

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  1. Reply to 6043ron:
    Hello Ron,  To answer your questions:  Does it matter which side of the blade you measure from?  Yes, you always want to measure from the waste side of the blade because the cutting action of the blade creates what is called the “kerf”.  Does the number of teeth matter?  Yes.  You have to consider the material you’re cutting and whether you’re ripping (cutting parallel with the grain) or cross-cutting (cutting across the grain).   I like to use a carbide-tipped, combination blade, which can be used for both ripping and crosscut.   But what I think is perhaps a more important factor in the quality of cut is the condition of your blade.  A rusty, dull blade is not going to deliver the kind of performance a sharp, well maintained blade will.  Hope this helps!

  2. If you have enough zip ties, duct tape, and clamps!

  3. good video. I think important to point out you’re measuring from the side of the saw without the motor. if you try to do the same with the motor side butted against the guide your motor will hit into the guide or your clamps. also, I really dislike those squeeze clamps, I ruined some good board by having those clamps drifting on me, I prefer the clamps with the screw knob, it holds more confidently.

  4. you always have helped! keep it coming!

  5. You cut it straight but the measure of the blade is wrong, the cutting teeth are offset both sides of the blade so you cut the wood less than 2″, not by a lot but if you want accuracy this should be taken into account

  6. wow lady you are very informative gracias

  7. seejanedrill

  8. swanson speed squares have increments makes it easier

  9. Insignificant amount unless the man making this video is using the piece of wood as a neurosurgical tool.

  10. Hi Leah. What are your thoughts about the type of material that should be used as the guide. YouTubers insist on MFC with the factory edge used at the guide.

  11. Very informative. . . . I always learn by ur vdos. . . Thanx lady

  12. +randy goldberg I disagree. Incorrectly measuring for a cut might work if you are building a doghouse for your mutt or a backyard chicken coop, but otherwise can be a problem. For example, I have built furniture and cabinets. I would not have been able to use a board that has the width incorrect by about 1/8″.

  13. You are great!! Thank you for being so precise with no “uh” or “um” stuff!!

  14. Perfect cut? Only if you meet certain conditions.

  15. Good vid, but you forgot to add the blade width to the measurement

  16. I’d use a tablesaw, but this is a solid method nonetheless

  17. I noticed that the pencil you used was not sharp and thereby giving marks that were not very accurate. I think other than that everything looks just great!!

  18. Leah, you rock! Thank-you for sharing your expertise!

  19. Thank you Leah, splendid video as usual. Very helpful.

  20. Thanks Fenway. Are you a Boston Red Sox fan?

  21. Yes I am. Did my Nick give me away? lol

  22. now i know… 🙂 terima kasih atas ilmunya…. salam kenal

  23. sama-sama

  24. I like your tutorials a lot!

  25. Given that the teeth on the blade are wider than the blade itself, a more accurate cut can be created by measuring to one of the teeth.

  26. you are a Godsend!

  27. Great vids, no waffle and explained so even the daftest of laymen (me) can understand.

  28. a good teacher.


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