How to Make a Miniature Fairy Garden (Step-by-Step)

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Creating fairy gardens is all the rage right now and creating these mini succulent gardens is the perfect project for summer.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on designing, planting, & accessorizing your own miniature fairy garden and start attracting fairies into your home!

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  1. how deep is the container? im making my own container and want to know how deep to make it so the plants are happy.

  2. Mimosa Books and Gifts

    This container was about 4 inches deep, and the plastic liner is more like 3 inches. We used plants with very shallow root systems. Good luck with your garden, Amelia!

  3. Very Beautiful. Love It!!!

  4. Mimosa Books and Gifts I was wondering the same thing. It seemed like there wasn’t enough dirt.

  5. Very cute! Making for my granddaughters

  6. so so cute!

  7. wow!what a beautiful garden it is I like this

  8. the beginning was a little messy

  9. This turned out great. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. 도자기 만들기 다육식물 키우며

    예뻐요 잘보고 갑니다 감사합니다 ^^*

  11. Away with the fairies

    really nice video, really enjoyed it. I love fairy gardens! As a fairy gardener myself I found it very inspirational

  12. SO GOOD


  14. where do you get the moss

  15. Mimosa Books and Gifts

    If you have a local craft store or garden center I’d check there first, otherwise you can order it through Oriental Trading Company or Amazon.

  16. It’s not colorful

  17. Awesome.

  18. Clarissa Da Silva Oliveira


  19. does she actually think fairies are real?

  20. Mimosa Books and Gifts

    All I can tell you is, when it gets to the right scene in Peter Pan, she claps every time.

  21. ImGrammy Rose

  22. Absolutely gorgeous fairy garden and great tutor with interesting and informative taching style. Just one thing are the toadstools ornaments or real??

  23. Mimosa Books and Gifts

    LOL, no, I’m afraid they’re plastic!

  24. Bella Saro and Dominique Loeffelholz

    You should not plant succulents in normal potting soil as it lead to root rot, try using actual cacti or succulent soil!

  25. Mimosa Books and Gifts

    That’s a good idea, especially since it’s set in a plastic liner. Fortunately, we haven’t had any trouble so far, as long as we’re careful about watering.

  26. I am new to miniature gardening, wondering how the container is made, is it dried moss sheet? What about the plastic sheet? Not sure where to buy those.

  27. Mimosa Books and Gifts

    A large craft supply store will usually have these items. I’ve seen things like this at JoAnn Fabrics, and also at larger garden centers. You might have to buy the container and the moss separately, though.

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