How to Make a Fairy Garden

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Tips on how to make a unique Fairy Garden for your home. At Highlands Garden Center in Centennail, Colorado, we have a large variety of fun Fairy Garden furniture, trinkets, houses, and plants to make the most unique Fairy Garden. Call or come in today 8080 S. Holly St, Centennial, CO 80122. (303) 779-8822


  1. hi were is ur shop
    u will delivers to india

  2. Wow I wish I can do that o:

  3. Wow i wish i could do that o:

  4. Detlef Römisch Bonsai, Garten und Pflanzenfilme

    For Bonsai a good idea 🙂

  5. stupid woman that does not help at all

  6. What sop is this

  7. do u have website to buy the accessories?

  8. do we need to give you money to make a garden?
     I need a quick answer.

  9. jaggedlittlepill100

    They didn’t say one thing about how to actually make it.  What kind of container?  How deep should it be?  All they did was promote their supplies.   Not helpful AT ALL.

  10. Obvious advertisement is obvious :-[

  11. You need an audio correct for your keyboard

  12. Erika D Hisel-Behlke

    +jaggedlittlepill100 i agree they should give more info. but my one thing I can tell you is that you can use just about any container just depends on what you will be using. good luck it is a blast. btw you dont have to buy premade items you can make things yourself or find things in nature

  13. So boring hate it

  14. do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how .

  15. boring video :-

  16. where are you loacted

  17. +Seah min shermaine it depends if you are going to buy stuff from ANYWHERE, but if your just going to use the materials in your house then you wont need to pay money. Yourelcome

  18. hey what kind of fairy garden plants ould do good in a full shade fairy garden?

  19. UMESH KUMAR Pandey


  20. How to make fairy garden furniture

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