How to make a dust collector with a wet/dry vac

In my new shop, I needed dust collection, but didn't have room for a huge collector. Instead, I used a wet/dry vac and a cyclone, along with some blast gates.

A list of parts that I used can be found at

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  1. Always put the wires on the outlet so they tighten with the screw. 😉 Very cool. I didn’t even know things like those gates exist.

  2. Screwyouguysimgoinghome

    hi there! what the opposite? transforming a dry vac to a wet vac

  3. please never use that “music” again. it was awful!! But otherwise, thank you Sir!

  4. I Like To Make Stuff

    Thanks! I made that “music”!

  5. um, I’m sorry.. I really enjoy your vids, you’re doing good stuff here. but the tunes were very distracting, I’m jus saying.

  6. I Like To Make Stuff

    It’s cool, I certainly don’t expect everyone to like them.

  7. I just imagined a woodworker making this then making a super suit that will launch dust at his enemies and he would say eat my dust

  8. I Like To Make Stuff

    Hahaha, I love it 🙂

  9. I Like To Make Stuff im going to make that and the suit to shoot dust -btw you are the one in the 5 YouTubers that reply to me so thx-

  10. saw this on Mounty playlist..

  11. Vivio and Einhart

    Tsalagi Loser

  12. Epto Productions

    Damn, I’m about to start stealing the screws outta peoples receptacles now that I know they are made of gold.

  13. is this the right way to remove dust 2 ?

  14. excellent video keep up great ideas this is what young and old woodworkers like

  15. ummm monty oum get me here by his play list…..dont know why…

  16. you put the washers on the wrong side, coolio.

  17. 4:05 thats not a remodel box.

  18. 4:15 on the plug end there should be no wire visible.

  19. Very well done!

  20. Why is the cyclone thing so expensive?? do you have to have this ? what does it do?

  21. I Like To Make Stuff

    I have no idea why it’s expensive :/ Maybe check other similar brands? The purpose of it is to separate out the sawdust before it gets to the shop vac. The sawdust in the vac will eventually clog the filter and make it lose suction. you can just clean it often, but having the cyclone in place makes it easy to just dump the bucket of sawdust instead.

  22. What’s the link for your Website?? I want to know so that i can order the parts to make the dust collector. Kyle Metcalfe

  23. Great Video, and not that it matters but that blue box is not a remodel box. It is a new build box. A remodel box had little tabs that flip out as you tighten the screws. Love your channel. Great build. I am about to build my first shop.

  24. Things like this make me wanna live in the US

  25. Would like work for metal. I make knives and have a super small shop. And need a collection system. For the metal dust and handle material dust.

  26. wow I wish I could make this… I been sanding everything in my home and I have a macaw… Let alone it get to me… And constant cleaning and time wasting between sanding and cleaning is killing me… Thx for Sharing

  27. José Pedro Filipe

    What’s the cyclone for? Doesn’t the saw and dust get collected in the vacuum system bag?

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