How to Make a DIY Track Saw

Make and easy track for you skill saw. I make a track for my battery powered circular saw out of scrap plywood. The principle can be applied to virtually any handheld saw. It's easy to make and is a dream to use. I think it makes breaking down sheet goods easier, faster, safer. I wish I would have done this sooner.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your video .it looks very easy and simple

  2. Nice. Thanks

  3. otgonbold jamiyandorj
  4. May I have your comments for my “Parallel Guided Power Saw” presented here.

  5. That is a fine dog right there.

  6. well done bro… I will copy your design! just subscribed as well

  7. +dillon clopton thanks for subscribing. I just hit 1000 subscribers. I plan on doing a giveaway of some kind very soon, so stay tuned!

  8. I think a disadvantage is material width.Best is to use material with minimum width, like  about 5 mm.

  9. +Moshe Maor Absolutely. I used scrap I had on hand. With my cordless saw it barely had enough depth for 3/4″ ply. I was able to modify it to use my 7 1/4″ saw and have enough depth to do whatever I would use it for. I’ve seen some with an 1/8″ Hardboard base and a 1/4″ ply runner. For me I only use it to break down sheet goods so 1/2″ ply has been fine.

  10. This should be called an edge guide rather than a track saw (guide) since a track saw has raised guides (tracks) that ride on the bottom of the saw saw shoe that also has corresponding recessed guides. Both will do the same thing more or less but an actual track saw is pretty much fool proof. With this type of guide it is still not difficult to wander off your cut line.

  11. Excellent, working on it in twenty minutes or so. helping me out big time.

  12. Nicely done sir!

  13. Nice job! Can’t believe I never thought of this before. Subscribed!!

  14. This is more of an edge guide vs a track saw but nicely done.

  15. Great video, I will be making this tomorrow and just subscribed to your channel…keep up the good work!

  16. going to build this now for now with speed,was thinking about getting the aluminium guide rail track,ha!

  17. How would you square up a longer piece of wood with no table saw though?

  18. By using the factory edge of the plywood.

  19. Yep. A trick to confirm that your plywood is straight is to use the plywood to trace a line onto some other surface (your bench, counter, another sheet of ply, etc). Then flip the plywood around and 180 degrees and trace a parallel line right next to the first one. The two lines should be perfectly parallel along their entire length.

  20. +Keith D nice tip. You can also have the store rip one edge on their panel saw.

  21. how do you got a piece of plywood if both ends are not straight

  22. Have Home Depot rip it with their panel saw.

  23. +Robert Dailey I tried hdepot, Lowe’s & they won’t since I didn’t buy it there. Picked it up from Craig’s list but ends are not straight so now trying to figure it out. Any ideas of how to approach this

  24. Use some angle iron, aluminum bar. Something rigid and straight as a guide to get started

  25. Robert, Nice project. Don’t know why I never built one of these before. I still find myself with my 49″ clamp and I have to measure my circular saw deck each time. Of course this occasionally leads to a cut that didn’t factor the blade kerf properly and ends up with material that is 1/8″ short. Thanks for the how-to.

  26. I now have a 8ft 5ft and 3ft for my new circular saw. I use them all the time. The time to make them is easily made up during a single cabinet project. Check out my Murphy Bed video to see it in action.

  27. Will do Robert. Funny, I just watched another murphy bed video yesterday. I’ll check yours out.

  28. Check WoodPrix instructions if you’d like to make it better and cheaper 🙂

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