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A couple of weeks ago, we visited a beautiful greenhouse nearby and we stumbled across the most adorable little fairy garden. I hadn't thought too much about fairy gardens in the past, but when I heard both of my daughters audibly gasp when they saw the one at the greenhouse, I knew that we had to do some fairy garden projects this Spring! With Mother's Day coming up soon, I thought some mini fairy garden gifts would be a great way to give this new & adorable little art form a try with my girls. We rounded up a bunch of suitable supplies we had on hand, made some others, and came up with a couple of absolutely sweet DIY mini fairy gardens in tins that will be a fun gift to give to moms for Mother's Day this year! These would also make unique teacher's gifts or gifts for friends too! Here's how we made our mini fairy garden gift in a vintage tin.

Head over to my blog, on or after May 1, 2015 for another mini fairy garden design plus some free printables to go along with it!


  1. Do you have a draining system for this project. I love the mini swing by the way, so adorable!

  2. I use some gravel in the bottom of my planters if they don’t have drainage holes.

  3. And thank you so much! 🙂


  5. +Ida Guerra Thanks, Ida!

  6. Light and blessings ,   ida

  7. Can you make a video to show how to make the swing thanks

  8. Nive and easy 😊

  9. Nice and easy 😊

  10. I’m going to make one for the tooth fairy!!!!!!!

  11. can you please make a video to show how you made a swing. BTW I love your videos. thanks

  12. can you please make a video to show how you made a swing. BTW I love your videos. thanks

  13. canal Coisas Etc TV

    very good!

  14. +myelf on the shelf buddy Aw, cute idea!

  15. Very nice! But, can you show me how to make the mini swing , please ?

  16. My name is Alvarado

  17. I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

  18. Could anyone tell me if it’s a real flower or fake one please?

  19. so cute and fun!

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