How To make a DIY charging station

Tanner Bell shares how to make your own DIY charging station for all your chargeable devices from recycled materials. For more fun DIYs Subscribe:


  1. How do you get the cords through such small holes?

  2. very cool!!

  3. All my cords were super small, but if you have larger cords, get larger washers! 🙂 

  4. Your voice sounds weird

  5. This is just a shoe box with holes in it…

  6. This is just a shoe boX. With glued on washers and holes.

  7. You love to create, ok, but exactly what?? A shoe box?

  8. I don’t like the end result but this is still a great idea.

  9. +Baron Of Hell That’s cool…take your idea and make it your own.

  10. +iLoveToCreate Here is my idea. I have a CD/DVD standing shelf I got years ago for like $20. I converted to all digital so now it is just hold stuff.  I will drill some holes in it for cords and put in some glue on cord runners on the back.  The power supply and usb hub will be hidden behind the shelf or hidden in a box like yours on the bottom.

    Best part is I don’t have to  buy anything.

  11. This isn’t a charging station.

  12. Dominic Auf der Maur

    whats that seposed to be?????

  13. hey man, cool idea for keeping unsightly cables from laying all over. thanks for the vid and the idea

  14. +Dominic Auf der Maur Bad spelling!

  15. I just want to walk into oncoming traffic now..thanks

  16. What.. is… it??

  17. what the heck!!!!

  18. Hah, GAYYYYYYY

  19. botelloheritage12


  20. Hah gaaaaaaaay

  21. theres no charger cords that would fit into those holes

  22. a box with 4 holes in it… Why didn’t I think of that? lol…

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