How To Make a Cyclone Dust Collector for Your Shop Vacuum

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In this video I will show you how to make your own cyclone dust collector for your shop vacuum. This will be installed in between your vacuum and tool. All debris & dust will be sucked into the dust collector and not go into the vacuum cleaner. It will keep your shop vacuum cleaner filter element clean and not clog it.

For this project, the middle PVC pipe installed in the dust collector lid is 1.25". The PVC pipe installed on the side into the bucket is 1.5". These sizes are what I found to work for my setup between tools/shop vac/hose. Your setup may have different pipe sizes.

There are many different pipe diameter sizes found between different brands and tools. For example, many vacuum attachments such as brushes, hand sanders have a diameter of 1.25". Table saw may have pipe diameter 1 7/8". Some shop vac has 2.5" pipe.

You will need to figure out what are all the pipe sizes you have, and then get the proper PVC pipe to get everything integrated. If you can't find the right PVC pipe, then you can also use some expansion rubber hose and clamps to hold pieces together.


  1. I have that same Ridgid jobsite table saw it is a sweet saw and it is one
    of the main reasons I built my cyclone dust collector!

  2. Thanks, very informative! I´ll propably try to build one now also :)

  3. Great job, clearly explains. Thanks for sharing

  4. very nice job mate–better than the cyclone and a lot cheaper

  5. If you use a gamma lid you can unscrew them off

  6. Great DIY collector. I´m in the process of building it. One question.
    Instead of making the cut in an angle in the inside of the cube would it
    work if i put a 45 or 90 elbow? Thanks and regards from Panama

  7. Very well-done video, slightly less labor-intensive than some of the other
    designs using the baffle but seemingly effective. Great job putting that
    together thank you

  8. Awesome project and great attention to detail. I hope to see more uploads
    and I will be subscribing. You remind me of a shop teacher I had in high

  9. I like the jig to make the inner part of the lid. Did you find it online or
    just come up with it? Great video!

  10. Really appreciate the comment!

  11. cool video man. thanks for the measurements. I’ll be making my own shortly
    following ur instructions step by step. thanks again

  12. If I add some water into the bucket, will it collect fine dust better ?

  13. triumphmanful p

  14. * * *
    I believe it would work just fine. . .
    Your idea keeps all the cuts and holes easier to seal. . .
    I think the angle of the final inlet pipe is to provide a wider diameter as
    an exit into the collector…
    it provides more of an exit diameter than the inlet diameter where the hose
    is attached. . .
    it should also prevent clogs (I suspect)…

    Great project. . .

  15. Great project but why do all video posters feel the need to record and show
    every hole they drill, every screw they screw on. We know how it’s
    done…could have shorten the vid by half.

  16. Because there are always another group of people complaining why didn’t you
    show how to drill all the holes. Everyone’s skill set is different and I
    try to give a good balance for all people. But I appreciate your feedback,

  17. Magic phone disappears at 1:34 from the work bench in the background.
    Reappears at 1:42 and disappears again at 1:47. (Near top center of video
    frame) lol

  18. Thanks for the video. I learned a lot from it.

    I built a dust collector pretty much the way you built yours, with the
    exception that I have a 12 inch long hose between my Rigid 12 gal, 10 amp
    shop vac and the bucket. Although almost all of the heavier sawdust and
    particles stayed in the bucket, a huge amount of the finer dust ended up in
    the shop vac. The vac had a typical filter in it. Could my vac be too
    powerful for this bucket size? Maybe the hose between the bucket and vac is
    too short? All hoses and pipes are 2 1/2 inch. I need to retry it and put a
    10 foot hose (that normally comes with the vac) between the bucket and the
    vac. Thanks.

  19. Good observation….magic of video editing!

  20. Is there any way you can give me the measurement for the pipe how long how
    thick the wood is stuff like that thank you

  21. what and idiot test

  22. Nice project. Those sheet metal screws you were using require different
    install technique. The top lid screw holes should equal the outside
    diameter of the screws so that the lid is pulled tight to the receiving
    side which will have correct size holes for holding the screws. This will
    force your two pieces tightly together. (Same effect with screws with
    threads only on the lower half of screw.) Test this by putting a spacer
    between the two pieces, then pull out the spacer with the screw in place.
    Now try tighten the pieces together. The threads have locked the pieces
    apart. The build looks quite nice altogether and the discussion informative
    and useful beyond just this project. thanks

  23. The el on top should be replaced with a full sweep el. Its a curved 90 that
    will not plug up as easily with larger pieces.

  24. Great Project but if you do not want to cut the wood you can at Home Depot
    Buy a gamma Lid instead of Standard lid and it will Run you 10.00 in the
    paint section. they are also air tight!!

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