How To Install Storage Shelves In Your Garage

Ask Joe The Builder!! Joe shows you how to build 100 Sq Feet of Storage Space for around $100 with his "anyone can do this" easy to install garage storage shelves.

This simple design will let you use the ceiling space in your gagage…an area you will never need or use…and convert it into usable storage space. His supension anchoring system allows you to store more weight that you can imagine while giving you a nice and clean finished look.

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  1. whats all the stripes on the walls?

  2. That music really drowns out his voice.

  3. Very nice. May I make a suggestion? Get different or no music. I would certainly watch another project of yours, but the music was very annoying while trying to hear you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  4. This video saved me about $300 and helped out a lot with the visual aspect of things. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video.

  5. I’m with you. Very appreciative of the video but, music really drowns out his voice.

  6. U went to the trouble to hang sheetrock and finish it, why not paint the walls and ceiling?

  7. Thanks that was good explanation of the task. I like the chain concept.Β The only thing I do not get is why people use OSB! (Obviously Substandard Building materials) I know it cost less but it is not a good long term material for just a few buck more you will have something that will not degrade so fast. I saw nothing in this to stop it from bowing in the center by the way. the chain will only accommodate that

  8. the trouble? pretty sure drywall isnt really optional in most of our homes. also pretty sure most houses come with the drywall already done… so unless he built the house, he obviously didnt do the garage.

  9. Ugly!!!

  10. Your music is too loud. I can hardly hear the other guy.

  11. Pretty sure your garage is in this same unfinished state. Pretty sure you live in the mid-west where this unfinished practice is acceptable. If you have ever hung or finished drywall you would know that the hard part is done. Painting is easy

  12. Relatively Arduous

    This is one of the better shelving video’s I’ve come across. Well done.

  13. why use chain?

  14. Ok, I have a question: Why didn’t you paint the walls before you started making your shelves and the finish work??

  15. +boohoobich That’s where the seams in the sheet rock were taped.

  16. +angel castillo exactly what I was wondering. I’ve seen similar storage made with wood and I think it looks better and would certainly be more stable. I could see using chain IF i wanted the option to have the shelves flip back up and out of the way if not being used. Maybe a piano hinge securing the back of the plywood to the horizontal 2×4’s. Then when not in use, you un-hook the chains and fold the wood up vertically or maybe down.

  17. Lotsa details (i mean the super important ones like what kinda bolts, screws, size, etc) are missing from this videos and can hardly even hear anything. Video quality is crap too.

  18. 6bird4 burg

  19. angel castillo it adds way more support.

  20. Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already πŸ™‚

  21. It would be a good vid if you’d eliminated that twangy music and had you been closer to the person that’s trying to explain what he just did, sound is terrible.

  22. I am sure you’ll learn how to make it if you’ll read WoodPrix HANDBOOKS from cover to cover πŸ™‚

  23. GREAT video man. Too many haters screw all you wimpy pencil neck complainers. The music is great wish it was louder. Now im gonna make my storage thank you for the video.

  24. How did u cut the chain?

  25. wallboard compound to cover up the drywall screws or nails securing the wallboard to the 16″ spaced wall studs. Seams would be spaced 4 feet apart.

  26. perfect… just what im looking for. thank you

  27. If you use vertical 2×4’s instead of chain, you’ll be tempted to fasten those verticals to a “ledger plate” on the ceiling. That probably means the whole weight will hang from just 2 nails or screws fastened within an inch from the top edge. That vertical 2×4 will be a bit prone to split and tear away from those top 2 screws. You can reinforce it, but the eyebolt plus chain is simpler and stronger.

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