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How To Forge a Rebar Knife With No Power Tools

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Today we'll be forging a knife using a piece of 5/8" rebar. Rebar knives are a lot of fun to make and they have been great for practicing my forging skills. I've gotten a lot better at forming hot steel since I've been making these.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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  1. damascus steel without powertools!!!

  2. Why would you want the back of the knife softer?

  3. +Airpu Miang true that.. the historic techniques are still lost, but the
    process can be exactly replicated, that is whats important. its just that
    the blacksmiths nowdays dont want to bother experimenting with long and
    difficult annealing cycles to form carbides, when it is way quicker and
    easier to alternate and fold different steels for the same effect. 😉

  4. +BackyardBowyer.
    when are you going to make another video

  5. About how long does this take?

  6. Leo 'Flash' Entropy Xen the Unigriff

    boxing glove arrow? please? no?…okay fair enough…

  7. Where are you?

  8. Like my comment if you think he should make the Huntsman knife from counter

  9. What does the t stand for

  10. Raven John Borja

    I’ll Just Leave A Comment Here Because I’m In Mobile.

  11. Raven John Borja

    As I seen in his book, Tomihama.

  12. so your not dead. Men where are the videos, stil waiting.

  13. how heavy is ypour hammer?

  14. 3 pounds.

    Thanks for watching!

  15. i use a 2 pounds hammer, i read is not bad for beginners blacksmith, i want
    to make a kukri like yours

  16. German Empire Ball

    I think he’s in Portland Oregon, according to his etsy shop.

  17. i like how calm, composed and gentle he is :)

  18. Muito bom! Mostra que não é preciso ter equipamentos caros para poder
    produzir uma faca de boa qualidade. O que importa é a criatividade e a
    vontade de fazer… Saudações dos cuteleiros do Brasil!!!

  19. I know this is out of context.
    but I find your pfp cute to be honest.

  20. Leo 'Flash' Entropy Xen the Unigriff

    +Jawad Ibrahim I AM NOT CUTE! I AM THE NIGHT! FEAR ME! 🐺

  21. +the wolf how could I fear you if I like the night better than the morning?

  22. Leo 'Flash' Entropy Xen the Unigriff

    +Jawad Ibrahim becuase I have a flamethrower🔥

  23. Now that seems about right o.o

  24. depends on how fast and skilled you are.

  25. He has a great temperament for how to videos.

  26. The harder the metal, the easier to shatter. You want just enough
    flexibility so that the blade can adapt to extreme conditions.

  27. it is easier to fix a blade that bends than a blade that breaks.

  28. But he asked how long did THIS take.

  29. I think the “this” implies the process it’s self, not just his knife

  30. +orlando kaufusi which is why it is interesting that he didn’t temper the
    blade. But I guess he isn’t going to be using the blade that often.

  31. look at Slavic tlevys channel he did almost every csgo knife in the game

  32. Crazy Model Garage

    this is buildind steel? here where i am, this king of steel is shitty, too
    low carbon for a knife.

  33. Yeah but it is cheap and great for practicing.

  34. bro amazing work you must make a chef knive

  35. you got skills bro great work

  36. you got skills bro great work

  37. he sells them!!!

  38. Would like to know where to buy black smith tools and learn how to do it

  39. If you look closely you can see a pattern in the blade which means it is
    not pure clean steel so some is hard but a lot is not hard. But don’t get
    me wrong the skill is very good nice job on the forge.

  40. how come you didn’t temper the knife after heat treat ?

  41. Nice job !! I like the design

  42. Penrod Garage be a scientist at Harvard are still trying to figure out how
    to do it. they just recently think they have broken through with
    superplastic Steel. the oar, wootz, is hard to find in India. and
    decomposition as well as quantities has been lost in the 17th to 18th
    century. what you are talking about is pattern-welding. and FYI this rebar
    is horrible knife making iron

  43. Penrod Garage in fact, scientist just discovered that they had actually
    achieved nanogram technology in the old real Damascus steel

  44. Cameron Reid actually, it is said that a sword could bend to the hilt as
    well as cut a piece of silk in air. we have not achieved in steel that can
    do that yet and and be good for sword making

  45. Batonix80 you are correct I didn’t see you already stated it

  46. i hope you die

  47. You are awesome

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