How to Dismantle a Pallet. The EASY Way! Two Great Techniques.

How to dismantle a wooden pallet the easy way. Pallet wood is becoming really popular but pulling apart a pallet can be a real labour intensive and frustrating task if you don't know how to do it. Another issue with dismantling a pallet is that the boards tend to split if not removed properly. Pallet wood can be brittle so care needs to be taken when dismantling the pallet. This video looks at two techniques on how to pull apart a pallet.

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Tools Required to Dismantle a Pallet:

Makita Circular saw:
This is my go-to Circular Saw! Excellent Quality with Plenty of Power! Here’s the link to purchase if interested:
PLEASE NOTE: This is a corded saw, not cordless, suitable for 120Volts (America) which is not suitable for some Countries like Australia that use 240 Volts.

Dewalt Reciprocating Saw:
If l was to buy another Reciprocating Saw, this would be the one. Powerful, Relaiable and Budget Friendly. What more do you want from this type of saw??
PLEASE NOTE: This is a corded Reciprocating Saw not cordless, suitable for 110 Volts (America) which is not suitable for some Countries like Australia that use 240 Volts.

Stanley Fat Max Wrecking Bar:
Wrecking bar designed for easier demolition jobs. Here’s the link to purchase if interested.

Dewalt 3 PC Side Strike Chisel Set:
Great for demolition or scraping purposes.

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The first technique uses a reciprocating saw to dismantle the pallet and the second technique uses a circular saw or a jig saw to pull the pallet apart.
Both methods are very effective at breaking down a pallet but it comes down to what tools you have at your disposal.

At the end of the video l have a pallet tip which l hope you find useful. Moving a heavy wooden pallet is really hard on your back so the tip addresses that issue. Make sure you stick around to the end of the video to check that pallet tip out!

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  1. Antibody Entertainment

    why has nobody thought of taking a drill and drill bit to the nails, so that way you can avoid splits and also save yourself from possibly getting a pretty nasty cut. especially if you aren’t too worried about keeping the nails.

  2. Sawzall blades are cheaper than drill bits, and it’s alot quicker. The neighbor was getting rid of a very heavy pallet with strong wood, & I tried drilling first. The nails were too heavy duty and I gave up after trying to drill out just one nail. It just wasn’t happening. I used a metal cutting blade & it was very easy to get through the nails. I really can’t imagine how a guy could cut himself with a sawzall without being drunk or of equivalent mental faculties.

  3. It’s easy if you’re left-handed.

  4. I use the reciprocating saw to chop them into firewood, 6 work minutes per pallet, easy work, and very safe compared to chainsawing.

  5. Everyone Can Do DIY projects

    Thank you for a great video. You can see my approach here:

  6. So long as they are not chemical laden. I’ve heard stories of people using these that were exposed to dangerous chemicals. Find them from a clean source.

  7. yes, typically the colored pallets red/blue are a no-no. even for projects since the chemicals can leech out.

  8. just as Barna said, its just easier. drilling depends on the drill, the drill bit, and type of nail. ive also found that even the cheapest sawall can be made to work, unlike the crap shot on cheap drill bits.

  9. +ri mar Thank you for clarifying as many do not know this. Keep up the great work!

  10. How easy was that??

    Very easy. I just sat here and watched.

  11. this is what i made out of pallets.

  12. In the USA, CHEP often LEASES their pallets, & also embeds an RFID tracking chip. If you get a CHEP pallet, you might check for those or at least make sure that you got permission/bought it first. AS someone who years ago worked for a USA-based pallet company, I guarantee you that if someone can prove that you stole a pallet they will consider going after you. Do not break the law, people.

  13. Antibody Entertainment Yeah I tried drilling the nails and it didn’t work very well

  14. She not only of you wasted all those nails but now you have them all stuck inside the wood not a very smart way

  15. And I won’t even mention the second way you’re doing it what a bunch of waste that’s how are used to cut them when I made them into firewood for the backyard burning nation

  16. I do the same thing, Rufus. I make short work of pallets, particularly if they are already dry, broken and cracking. I try to set the redwood and oak ones aside for future furniture and outdoor projects.

  17. Depends on what you want to use the 2×4’s for. You might not need to remove the nail heads if you’re using them for a garden planter or say, a garbage can holder.

  18. I only use the second method if the ends are already worthless and the wood in the middle is still usable.

  19. I like making planters moveable planters and work benches and small tables and chairs with the skids that I pull apart many things you can do I found you can even make money at it

  20. Good stuff Ben!

  21. lostintime86 z

  22. Dark Horse Woodworking

    Great video! I made a incense burner box for the incense sticks that anyone can make out of pallet wood. Check it out! –>

  23. Ever wondered what ex-BBC’s political editor Robert Peston does in his spare time? Now you know!

  24. great video!

  25. but this leaves the nails in.

  26. Since you are actually only cutting through nails, not the wood at all, use a metal recip saw blade. Works better and lasts longer if your cutting nails exclusively.

  27. If you’re interested these are some great woodworking plans you could use: HootWood. com

  28. If you’re interested these are some great woodworking plans you could use: HootWood. com

  29. Chep also decommission old pallets and it’s easy to see this is a decommissioned pallet..

  30. use a metal saw all blade lol

  31. my back feels great.
    also levering those slats off with my prybar was too easy!

  32. Good work K.T πŸ‘πŸ‘

  33. GReat information. Thanks

  34. No worries Bill! Thanks for taking the time to watch and for leaving me some feedback. Cheers πŸ‘

  35. i love this dude

  36. that was the BEST dismantle pallet instructions EVER! well done, mate!

  37. +Djavier Javier Hey thanks for that Djavier! I appreciate the comment mate. Cheers πŸ‘πŸ‘

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