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How to control your dust collection with an Arduino (it’s easy)

Check out how I used an Arduino, 6 servos, and a keypad to automate all of my blast gates in my dust collection system.
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Here are the electronics components that I used.


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  1. Alternatively, you could have used a sensor on the machine side of each units mains switch. it would mean two more wires to each machine, but you could use an optocoupled signal to make the micro automatically open the gate when the machine is turned on. You could go one step further and put the vacuum on a micro driven relay so that turns automatically too. All of it perhaps with an off delay for line clearing.

  2. Alexandre Lavoie

    That would be real automation, not triggered by a button (control only)

  3. Yeah, automation is kinda my thing, so its hard for me to view problems through another lens. If heaven exists it’s chorus is composed of relay clicks. lol

  4. Flynn Hinds-Brown

    Can you do this with a r Pi

  5. hey bob i watched this video way back when, i really don’t remember when but i really like this kind of video this video is the reason i subscribed to your channel. i think you should make more innovative videos like this

  6. especially innovative things for your wood shop

  7. i dont know if we need to comment at all for this thing….. I bet it would not even collect dust properly…

  8. I Like To Make Stuff

    +Deniz Yildirim then you probably comment on it. You’re wrong btw. It worked great.

  9. …. salty…

  10. I would use this for my lightswitch so that i dont have to press that button just press the other button😋

  11. This is the coolest thing ever

  12. Your eye brows what happened

  13. I Like To Make Stuff

    I’ve had a mole in my eyebrow since I was a kid.

  14. I Like To Make Stuff I never noticed but one looks thicker

  15. Great project! I have a large home workshop, and I wonder if instead of a keypad that you used, could it be controlled with a wireless remote controller?

  16. where is the test bro?

  17. use fot automation

  18. set it up so when the tool ur using is on that dust port is open. no need for the remote

  19. Alexander Columbus

    use a relay so the arduino can turn the vac on/off when you open ine of them

  20. Hey Bob, i have the same problem as Victoria. i can’t seem to find where the link to the code that you used for the vacuum. could you please make that a little more clear. thank you!!!

  21. will these servos operate the gate with the DC turned on? whats the rating on the servos? how many grams of force?

  22. Great video. Discussed exactly my “fear” of coding/electrical engineering, and also got me real interested in the arduino. That’s a sub from me! Eager to see more vids – will peruse the channel now

  23. It collects dust just like ksi Lamborghini

  24. I think u can apply this idea to light switches to make ur lights automated

  25. just close the blast gate when you’re done

  26. can you make digital lock

  27. it’s easier if the same tool that you use, activates it’s own valve

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