How to Change the Blades on a Hand-Held Planer

Mark guides you through the steps needed to replace your hand-held planer blades in this video. Changing the blades is an easy process, and in some cases only requires you to flip the blades around to the second side.

Get a replacement blade for you handheld planer here:

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  1. Thank you.. this is really very helpful..

  2. Thought that may be the way you do it but great for the confirmation. Too many revs to do it wrong!

  3. Can you show how to change the belt on one of these.i got a black and decker and had to soak the belt in boiling water to get it to stretch.dont know if I am missing something.

  4. what about the single edge sharpenable blades? those mini blades are too weak for all the heavy framing planing i do.they shatter when hitting a nail and become trash.

  5. thanks for this tips it will help a lot

  6. will soon have one , thanks for the directions will help to do things wright.

  7. Do you have video How to Change the belt on a Hand-Held Planer ?

  8. thanks 🙂


    +stefan ivanov You’re welcome! 


    +tubetinh7 We only have a video on how to change the blades currently.

  11. Just a tip! Maybe worth mentioning removing any resin before turning the blades, this will help them in alignment and safety. This can easily be done using parrafin and oil or simply scraping. Hope this helps.


    +spangie09 Great advice! Thank you!

  13. Thanks for making this video.

  14. Excellent

  15. Great just what I was looking for. Thanks

  16. Jean-Francois Fortier

    I have this planner with high steel blade is it possible to vhange for carbide blade or I need to change the blade mount ?

    Thank you

  17. thanks for the video but it would be vvv helpful if you can show me how to change the blade on performances ppl800 planer thanks

  18. ALWAYS wear safety goggles.
    Even in the bathtub.

  19. Martyn Clarke-Smith

    Very clear instruction, thank you.

  20. Great information thanks.

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