1. NIcely done! Great addition to the shop!

  2. nice work, I would have painted them a different color.. but I see why you
    chose those!

  3. Pretty nice Corey. I love the colours. Yes…that’s colour with a “u”. 😉😀

  4. Nicely done really great organization and the cabinet look great. Keep up
    the great work.

  5. nicely done!

  6. David Handley the proper way 😉

  7. +Mark Chapman 😀👍

  8. Epaminondas Santana Ramos

    *Very good!!!*

  9. Very nice work, but I’d do something about the volume of your music in the
    video edits. Way too loud in relation to the spoken audio.

  10. Cool color matching for the blue Bosch!

  11. That looks sweet

  12. Is that 1/2″ plywood or 3/4″?

  13. +John Fontenot 5/8″ leftover construction plywood.

  14. ok man thanks.

  15. Good video. I can see you make good use of your nail gun 🙂 too. It’s one
    of the best tools I have ever bought for myself.

  16. +kentchr76 a tool you don’t know how useful it is until you buy one

  17. LReBe7
    OK, now that I see that it is for the Bosch, I can accept the dark colors.
    Although I would still choose something lighter.
    Other than that I give the design and build top marks.

  18. Excellent job. I’m very impressed with what you did with plywood.

  19. Larché Jacques Clarel

    great organisational skill man. very nice.

  20. Yeah, it’s quite dark, but that’s what he gets for being a Bosch fan I

  21. Nicely done! I could use something like that in my shop.

  22. get build, and cant wait to see more of your work

  23. Awesome

  24. Nicely done and great color.

  25. My comment below will make no sense. I thought I was commenting on video I
    previously watched. BTW, the cabinets are beautuful.

  26. Мастер в Доме62TV

    Made perfectly !!! The color is ugly )))))

  27. Miter Mike's Woodshop

    nice job

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