How to Build Garage Shelving – Easy, Cheap and Fast!


Garage shelving has never been easier or faster to build! Simple building hack simplifies garage shelving. Full tutorial and lots more tips here:


  1. Mind blown at 1:50.

  2. +David Hale Thank you and thank you for watching!

  3. Right now the back of the shelf that’s up against the wall is being held up by screws.  I think I would put some 2×4 as vertical legs also.  Not much additional cost.   nice video.

  4. Making a template frame like this is a great idea. However, as with many basement and garages, floors are pitched for drainage and have unlevel floors. You should always check with a level, both the floor and shelf/brace alignment with true level from the wall mounted braces. If you trust the floor is level, you may find things rolling off your shelving when you’re done.

  5. oOf course, you could always shim the legs, which should have been mentioned for amateur DIY projects.

  6. wow that was pretty clever. I would have done it a more, sophisticated, clumsy, take me a week because I screwed up kind of way

  7. Thanks for watching!

  8. I almost followed the video instructions without considering the floor level. I am glad I read the comments.

  9. Wow, I’m going to do this to my Storage room. cool video!

  10. Thanks Anthony!

  11. 3″ screws sound a little light; that leaves an inch of the smallest part of a screw holding the cleats; I would have gone with 3.5″ or 4″ and a washer under the head, but I’m a little paranoid when I’m loading shelves at 150#/ft and I’ve got an expensive car sitting next to those shelves.

  12. Thanks for the feedback, so far so good on our load. Can never be too careful:)

  13. So clever!  I will make this next weekend.  😎😎 .·:*☆*:·.Thank you.·:*☆*:·. 😎😎

  14. Wow. I had just gotten a $2000 quote from a warehouse shelf supplier. I think I’ll follow y our advise and save some dough! Thank you!

  15. I don’t think this would work that well in most garages. The assumption you’re making is that the floors are level and most garages I’ve seen, this isn’t the case. At least that is my observation.

  16. I liked this, but it feels like I am cheating on April .

  17. Marcellius Tiongco

    Awesome! I would add a few 2×4’s for supporting the sheets, but still great work. I promise I wasn’t staring at your butt the whole time.

  18. You left out the hard part. You know, the part where you drug your neighbor, while he’s drugged, you cut his trees down and whittle away to get the 2×4’s.

  19. Using 3″ decker screws to secure your ledger to the wall is not advised for garage shelving. When you add the thickness of the 2 x 4 and the drywall, 5/8″ for garages, that leaves little thread into your stud. Consider using a minimum 1/4″ lag bolt x 3 1/2″. Homeowners typically load-up their garage storage.

  20. Nice even this old timer just learned an easy way to build a shelve thanks for showing.

  21. Thank you:)

  22. onjoFilms, Not Home Depot?

  23. or buy $150 Whalen steel rack from Costco.

  24. Nikos Woodworking DIY

    That is actually a brilliant idea…

  25. Yes, 3″ is a little small. I’ll be using 4″ deck screws, and catching more studs. I think that will be more than adequate.

  26. Will you marry me by any chance Ana, You’re smoking hot!

  27. Cheap, fast, and strong. The trifecta!

  28. Got news for you Cole Man … if your garage – or basement floor – has a floor drain, like mine do, they ain’t poured level.

  29. jim sanker Wall studs are plenty strong enough. It’s painfully obvious you have no construction knowledge.

  30. plainwornout3 the wall studs aren’t spring the weight when built like this, the screws are. While it may be sufficient, I would still suggest adding vertical support to the 2×4’s against the wall. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  31. Is it really that hard for some people to just say thank you? For those hell bent on level you can use shims I doubt the level would be that off that things are just rolling off the shelves. But that’s just me. Its an informative video that can be used as is or modified to work for your space and if it doesn’t work for you then no harm no foul. No need to be disparaging.Thanks Ana I am building one right now.

  32. AWESOME!!!

  33. I did it the same way you showed. It was really easy and practical.

  34. I built these shelves and they could hold a car on them! Super easy and super strong. I had a window on that wall and just worked with what I had. I love the idea of repeating the first shelves and “copying” it for the front of the shelves. Saved a ton of time. I bought a Kreg Jig for the project and it made it easy. I’ve now built a work bench with it with the same idea attaching it to the wall. Thanks!

  35. E Flanagan she’s so overrated

  36. Captain Ron if there is any electrical in that wall be careful using longer screws..

  37. Ana White how long were the horizontal wall studs

  38. Antonio

  39. Not everyone parks their cars in the garage, though. Also, this garage could be a double garage and they use that side for storage.

  40. No need to buy a Kregg jig if you screw the shelf support beams through the first load of 2 by 4s before screwing to the wall.

  41. pacificprospector

    This is certainly something to consider….in this instance, it looks like the distance is not that much….so the slope may not be all that much for the short distance.

  42. Next video … shims 101 😆

  43. Shaileen and Kurt Vlogs

    Afreakingmen! Its all about an easy thank you or go on your way if you didnt get what you wanted.

  44. out of level can be accounted for and remedied…

  45. Marcellius Tiongco I was.

  46. David Tarr if you do that, you can’t use the 2×4’s attached to the wall as a template. The Kreg jig is well worth the investment.

  47. Was I hallucinating when I heard her mention using a level to make sure the base boards attached to the yds were level? This would have nothing to do with the floor, unless I am missing something? I am new to this but…

  48. yds = studs. Can’t edit for some reason =

  49. onjoFilms what a stupid thing to say. u idiot

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  52. Me too. 🙂 liked it !

  53. Happy to hear they are plenty strong I worried about that. Just screws holding it together!

  54. haha, Me too!!!

  55. Antonio 12′

  56. onjoFilms lol…no silly bear, they came from the 2×4 fairy.

  57. onjoFilms no, we all got fucked up on the wood….sounds like a porno…next video😉

  58. Viral Clown and under scored…I’d do her.

  59. Buy a gun that shoot nails into the wall. It uses 22 blanks. Ask a clerk at Lowes, to help you out.

  60. I know right. Simple,but BRILLIANT!

  61. Right but what if the floor is uneven? Then your shelving will be as well.

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