HOW TO: Build a Workshop Hutch – Part 1 of 2 (Must See!)

When Norm felt it's time to remodel The New Yankee Workshop, he seized the opportunity to build an ingenuous workshop hutch that promises to be a must-have for every home woodworker. It features a backbench with a system of adjustable shelves that offers endless options for organizing the tools and materials every woodworker needs to have at his fingertips. The hutch also has a renewable bench top complete with electrical outlets, and roomy pullout drawers to store and keep a serious collection of power tools dust-free.
The New Yankee Workshop featured the construction of woodworking projects, including workshop accessories, architectural details and furniture projects ranging from simple pieces to complex, high-quality reproductions of antique classic furniture. In the course of 21 seasons, approximately 235 projects were produced. In addition to furniture and cabinets, the show also focused on outdoor projects such as the building of a gazebo, shed, greenhouse, sailing boat, flag pole, mail box, cupola, and fences.


  1. Why 20 routers?….lol

  2. Sliding compound mitre saws made radial saws obsolete.

  3. Hes glasses are not safety glasses the sides are to open. And having electric plugs in the front of the bench is not the best idea, dust will fall of the desk and full into the electronics also I’m sure they will get bumped alot and damaging the cables

  4. Because 21 routers would be excessive.

  5. Broncore 10 When you have a situation that requires several half lap joints a radial arm saw fits the bill perfectly.

  6. Nathan Sorry my friend, those are safety glasses. Some are more wrap around than others. I think that when working with metal a wrap around style would probably be a little better.

  7. I’ve literally made a career from all I’ve learned from Norm. Thanks Norm

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