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We reached out to the Craftsman community on Facebook for some workbench ideas and advice. Tune in as Rob North shows you how to build a wooden workbench for your garage. Get the project plan here:

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This Craftsman video is about how to build a workbench for your garage.


  1. those yellow teeth tho

  2. Lol awesome, no J-Lo but we have but joints. Haha

  3. a work LED light over the bench would be nice

  4. That’s a bright idea!

  5. Hey craftsman, could you make a video about chisels?

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  7. Where did you buy those “removable” casters??

  8. WoodRiver Workbench Caster Set 4-piece
    or at least similar product

  9. Thank you! Those are really expensive!

  10. Quit trying to add comedy. It isn’t working.

  11. It doesn’t explain anything. Just what you did, not how you did it.

  12. +Craftsman I have compared your 26 in handsaw and Stanley’s 26 in and I
    found out yours is WAY better, and great job on the bench

  13. Worthless video if you’re looking HOW to do it.

  14. any plans available to build this?

  15. Nicholas Gutierrez Leon

    This song is sooooo


  16. build a bed or doll woos house

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    your missing the following link

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  20. Slade The Original

    i can barely understand you

  21. Ayrton Senna Fan it’s because if they told you how to do it they would lose
    money on their plans they have for sale. There would be no reason for
    buying it

  22. 7/10 instructions unclear. Accidentally built a shelf.

  23. Nicholas Gutierrez Leon aÀddddk

  24. This guy didn’t even do the work

  25. U should make a kids play house j would rely like that

  26. Chris Black go

  27. precinct 1 baltimore county residents

    where can I borrow a industrial drum sander

  28. You guys did a avoided one if not the, most important aspects of building a
    bench of this type; you farmed out Flattening The Bench Top to a commercial
    That, is a total cop-out!
    If you propose to show the average woodworker how to build this bench, this
    should have been done by YOU not someone with tool capacities that most
    home shops do not possess.
    Too bad you making sense up until that point. There are ways of doing this.
    See “The Wood Whisper” to learn it. The craftsman drawers are also a
    distraction. If you are going to build, then Build It!

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