How To Build A TV Lift Cabinet, Making the Top

In Part 2 of the TV lift cabinet project, Jon builds the top and finishes the Sapele wood cabinet top and completes the project. Get a close-up look of the lift mechanism, the invisible hinge system and all the tools and tips you'll need to to do this project yourself.

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  1. محمد منصور محمد الكردي

    thanks jon your good professor thanks

  2. This is the first video of yours I have seen. Great build !

  3. Jon Peters Art & Home

    Thanks….appreciate it

  4. As always, superb craftsmanship!!

  5. Jon Peters Art & Home

    Thank you

  6. very, very, very good

  7. Adejumo Magbagbeola

    what sound track are you playing there man ? i really like it

  8. jimmy harvey castro barreto

    hello Jon, I like a lot of your proyects, are so good, congragulations again from Bogota- Colombia

  9. wow ! amazing work

  10. Nice Work, What kind of bit did you use for the Soss Hinge, Im using a 204 needs a 3/8″ , just don’t know what kind ?

  11. that’s really awesome, great project 👍

  12. what about if i dont have any of this tools?

  13. I gotta build one of these ..I haven’t watched the previous videos of this project but couldn’t u buy a similar size standard cabinet and mod it to fit the lift system? that’s only if u didn’t have all the wood working tools

  14. Great work!

  15. your wife must be pissed that you’re using the kitchen to build all this stuff…

  16. really great réalisation!

  17. hola, me gustó mucho su mueble, pero que se le pone para que suba la tv ..? el elevador pues. saludos

  18. i was thinking of trying this till i saw the lift for a 46” tv is $649. Never mind.

  19. مصطفى الزيدي


  20. daddylongst1ck this is the price you need to pay to be a shooter. There is a cheaper way but my son hated hiding in the cabinet to push the tv up every time a neighbour came over. Kids today!!

  21. Nice job 👏👏👏
    plz where I can get the tv lift cabin kit ( I’m from algeria ) thx

  22. am so delighted sir,,,, my question is; what type of hinge is that?

  23. That stain looks great on that wood! What is it called?

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