How To Build A Track Saw

How To Build A Track Saw. This simple cheap way of building a Home or job site track Saw work great! You can make one for less than 20$ and save 300-500 dollars on buying one and it will give you many days of great use. If you need another size just make one real quick and you can make it from stuff you normally have in the shed or garage or shop check this out and comment You will love this simple project takes about 30min to Make..


  1. Thanks Austin very much man for this video. I use my little jig saw to cross cut long boards with a straight 2×4 or something straight. I think now its a good time to make me a 4ft. track and a 6ft. track like this for my circular saw. Hey, thumbs up to your camera person. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for your great video Austin, great idea to make a Track saw this way.
    It looks so easy when someone else make it
    Where you in a hurry when you make this video? It looked that you during the video
    more and more rapidly started work and talk. Easy, we have really in no hurry πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for all your work.
    All the best, Henrie.

  3. yes It was late friday & I had not got a video out for the week! I had a cabinet Β job and some book shelfs that had to be out by friday for a customer. And taking a video at that pace was not good. So soon as I was done late friday with my job I did this real quick to make sure I got a video out for my weekly video upload.:-) This next week will be much slower and relaxed. I will be doing a Clock project and I hope to get it in two videos if I can for this next week. Thanks for the comment.

  4. The camera person is my wife!!! thanks.

  5. Great vids, but man, feckin relax….

  6. after working in construction for 15 years, I find it funny to read the comments about your high energy level. The truth is, you look at any skilled man in “work mode”, and we all look either mad or frustrated. Focus in action.

  7. Edgar Rivera ‘””

  8. tileformiles absolutely.

  9. Come down and do not CREATE stress πŸ™‚
    Your wife did very well!!!

  10. The idea is amazing. The energy is so bad. I feel like if I don’t keep up I’m fucked. Settle down mate. Calm.

  11. I can’t be the only one that feels like their in a military environment. Not knocking his skills but man.

  12. Passed High School Physics

    Nice video, but could be easier. Years ago someone was tossing out an old metal bed frame. It’s a piece of angle iron.. I use two clamps, one at each end and zip the saw along using the angle iron as a fence. Another trick I was taught was to make a scoring cut first instead of the blue tape. A scoring cut of 1/8″. Will prevent the splintering and I think is faster than taping method.

  13. good job

  14. I like this. Going to make a few for different size necessities.

  15. This guy is on all the coke. hahah. jokes. you know hes good in construction cause he doesnt stop


  17. Just what I was looking for. I knew there must be a way to build one of these. Very helpful.

  18. Oh oh. Can you fix the intro? It says TACK saw 0:03.

  19. I wouldn’t want to be caught slacking off on the job-site by this man.

  20. Great video, now I know what kind of wood to use to build one of these. Another tool that would probably work pretty well is a speed square, especially the ones which have the little notches in the for the inches. You can get one of the aluminum ones pretty cheap for about 3 bucks if I remember correctly. Thanks for this!

  21. Darssddren Roberts

    good video but I think your in the wrong job . I think you should be a drummer you like banging stuff haha

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  23. Thanks for sharing this how-to-video Mr. D !

  24. I have used my shop made unit for ever and people say they work almost as good as festool well I believe they work just as well and see no reason unless you like to burn money to buy festool and many of there very overpriced tools

  25. Sorry, Festool, I’m building my own track saw!

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