How To Build A Table (The Priceless Gift)

How To Build A Table (The Priceless Gift) woodworking video educates you in detail how I constructed a dining room table as a 20th wedding gift for my wife using no power tools, just hand tools. I detail the design, the hand tools, and techniques using rough sawn walnut and chestnut barn wood. I hope you enjoy. See sure to watch these related videos below:
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  1. Freaking awesome ……. No words to describe such a nice work 

  2. This is truly awesome! Thank you for sharing. I am inspired.

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing. That is what is needed in schools again.

  4. Håkon Andrè Landsverk

    I am seventeen, and are about to make my first table for my mom to have in
    the kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration! Nice work! :)

  5. Never have i seen such beautiful worksmanship. Congratulations Happy
    anniversary.Please write.

  6. Wow… I did enjoy watching your video! Thanks for sharing. (-:

  7. Great Video! Thank you!!!

  8. wow awesome video great job

  9. that table was awesome I hope his wife understands his love for wood and
    her good job brother.

  10. Sy suka tehniknya dan idea nyà

  11. 6 months to complete, I don’t feel so bad on the procrastination my own

  12. +DaneStolthed 😄

  13. A wonderful Husband with A Gift that is Priceless indeed………!!

  14. +Bob Lee Hai Ching Love is worth it!

  15. Very nice table …$2 plow plane …better watch yourself …they will take
    you away and lock you up for at least 20 counts of robbery 😆😀

  16. +Andrew Garratt No doubt about that!!!

  17. i work wood and i watch lots of woodwork on youtube but your style is like
    none other. much like the wood you used on this table your technique is
    rough and ready… and there are some flaws included. however these are
    what add the truly unique character and nature to it all. really that is
    it’s beauty. i think ill watch your channel and try to learn from you. i
    dont think i necessarily need to learn your joinery. what i think you can
    teach me is some freedom, to just let it go a bit and allow the project to
    happen. i admire that in you. thanks for sharing, especially the moment
    with your wife that was nice.

  18. +R C Thank you very much. You captured the essence of my channel perfectly.

  19. Excellent my friend.Thanks for nice sharing. All the best My like # 6595 🙂
    Anis* Subscribe me if you like Please

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  21. +Gamercat 99 Please translate

  22. I have a question about the biscuits that you installed. Why did you chose
    that method of installation and also the shape of the biscuits?

    I am asking because I have made a table a while back and what I did was to
    drill some holes and install pegs to make sure the panels would align to
    one another and maintain shape.

    (I am not a carpenter nor would anyone call me a hobbyist. But I do like to

  23. I used the biscuits so I could adjust the boards before the glue dried.
    Using pegs requires perfect alignment of the drilled holes. In retrospect,
    given how long it took me to carve the slots (5 hours), pegs would have
    been much easier. Thanks for the question. Chris

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