How to Build a Portable Woodworking Workbench – Part 3 of 3

Free plans. I decided to build a portable workbench so that I can work on projects, in any room of the house, and to take the workbench on the road to places like farmer's markets to do live woodworking demos.

The mobile workbench is constructed from walnut, cherry, pine, and red oak. The top is 30" x12"; the foot print is ~25×19"; the height of the workbench is ~34". The bench weighs in at ~55 lbs (~25 kg).

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A Portable Woodworking Workbench Part 1/3

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Free Portable Woodworking Workbench Plans

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Special Thanks to 7 Bards of Funk for allowing me to use their music.
"for Elisa" – by 7 Bards of Funk

John Z Zhu


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  1. Workshop on Wheels

    I have been waiting for part 3, I would say this portable bench is a big win!

  2. Impossible to improve upon, unless you used pocket screws and painted it purple.

  3. Thank you. Hopfully it was worth the wait and be useful to you.

  4. Woah, big words, thanks Mr. T. Glad to see you’re alive, it’s been awhile. Someone else can build that better bench, I am so done with this project.

  5. Workshop on Wheels

    John Zhu Such a masterpiece is worth the wait, I do like your eye for detail on what most would call ‘just a workbench’

  6. I haven’t been able to work on anything interesting for a while but my schedule and winter are finally starting to give way.

  7. I like a lot your workbench John, all its features and the cool design! Great project!

  8. Mitch Peacock - WOmadeOD

    Nice looking bench John, I especially like the use of highly contrasting woods and the layout of the dowels.
    Are you using it much? I guess that’s the real test.

  9. Thanks Adrian. It took awhile but the final object is something that we can all enjoy on some level.

  10. Thanks Mitch. It gets used a lot, and I plan to take it to my farmer’s market as well. In fact I had to stop using it the last couple of weeks because I couldn’t keep the saw dust off it long enough to take good picture. Still some on the bench in the ending picture, you may have noticed.

  11. Good to hear. There as been a general lack of interesting project on youtube lately.

  12. Objects can always be “just that.” But I find that one gets back exactly what one puts into it.

  13. Mitch Peacock - WOmadeOD

    Haha, All good benches need a little sawdust

  14. I think it looks great. not sure about those “knot fixes”. i didnt see plans in that link

  15. Thanks PB. I am sure there a better knot fixes. The plans to the workbench are linked in the description.

  16. So the “plans” are an instructables page not a download?

  17. you can download the instructables as a pdf on their site.

  18. That’s a premium feature! Great project though keep on making.

  19. Blog das Madeiras

    Hi there from Portugal,
    Nice Workbench 😀

  20. I didn’t realize that, the pictures are downloadable 2000×1000 pix

  21. Greeting from USA.

  22. Wow!  You truly are an artist.  The bench looks amazing.

  23. nice as ever….

  24. nice project. only thing I might change is to do a specific shape for the knot replacements maybe a bow-tie inlay, or my initial (R) with a contrasting color for the letter and the center of the R with the same wood as the component. However, that’s likely just my OCD talking. BEAUTIFUL BENCH!

  25. An amazing build John! You could even put it in a livingroom as a good looking furniture.

  26. Great finish to a beautiful project, John. I love all of the detailed joinery and mix of several species of wood that give the bench real character. I could actually see this as a very interesting occasional table in my Yorkville loft (if I had a loft in Yorkville, that is) 🙂

  27. Thank you J.

  28. Thank you.

  29. Thanks Thomas. I am not into putting my name every where. Name should be unseen expect by those that want to look for it.

  30. Thanks Daniel. I designed it to go in the living room so I can work while watching my son.

  31. Thanks John. I think it could be, if it was redesigned a bit to make the bench legs a bit wider and add drawers that can be pulled from both sides. Are you suggesting to keep the vise on the occasional table? For nut cracking?

  32. Blog das Madeiras

  33. cool little work bench

  34. i have enjoyed watching several of your videos, keep them coming. i am having trouble finding the plans for this work bench, any hints would be helpful. thanks

  35. Thanks Phil. The link to the plans is in the description to an instructable page you can d/l the image for free.

  36. thanks, i think i have it figured out.

  37. You’re welcome. Would love to see what you come up with.

  38. 10:50 what is the name this hand router? It’s some hitachi model maybe?

  39. Yeah, just an example like the bow tie. A Coy fish shape would look nice as well, or a carved rose… Anything you find beautiful. If the 2D squares, pentagons, etc are your beauty that is your creative call. I was just offering an idea that would be more attractive to me. The over all bench is gorgeous. I only ment I would be staring at the contrasting piece/patch with my OCD and would rather personally see a defined consistant shape so that it appeared part of the overall design. I wasn’t discounting your work at all. It is much better than I could do. No offence intended at all.

  40. владимир лебедев

    Klass! 🇷🇺👍

  41. It’s a hitachi.

  42. Thank you.

  43. владимир лебедев

    +John Zhu 😉

  44. Your work is truly amazing and very inspiring…

  45. Thank you.

  46. Great looking bench! Very creative and a fun build to watch.

  47. Thank you.

  48. Workbench?! That’s a work of art! I would be afraid not to scratch it… ☺️ Excellent job.

  49. You got skills Bro!

  50. Thanks Bodgan, workbench is meant to be used, so scratches are ok with me, just adds character.

  51. Thanks Bro.

  52. Very impressed, liked your use of interlocking doe tails and inserting legs to feet for added strength. Awesome work!

  53. Станислав Шевченко

    Like and the subscription! Yours faithfully from Russia!

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