How to Build a Portable Woodworking Workbench – Part 1 of 3

Free plans. I decided to build a portable workbench so that I can work on projects, in any room of the house, and to take the workbench on the road to places like farmer's markets to do live woodworking demos.

The mobile workbench is constructed from walnut, cherry, pine, and red oak. The top is 30" x12"; the foot print is ~25×19"; the height of the workbench is ~34". The bench weighs in at ~55 lbs (~25 kg).

The free plans for this workbench is scheduled to be released at the same time as part 3 of 3 of the workbench is released. Part 2/3 has been released. Part 3/3 of the workbench is scheduled for 4/7/2017. If all goes well, then the free plans will be available for you to download on 4/7/2017.

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A Portable Woodworking Workbench Part 2/3

A Portable Woodworking Workbench Part 3/3

Free Portable Woodworking Workbench Plans

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John Z Zhu


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  1. Stephan Pöhnlein

    Wow, awesome. So much work!

  2. Thanks Stephan. It was a lot of work, but I think finishing a worthwhile project is as close as a man can get to knowing what it’s like to give birth.

  3. drilling the knots to ease planing is such a great idea!!

  4. Thanks Michael. Woodworking is such a fluid form, lots of ways around a problem. In part 3/3 I fill them up w/ rose wood.

  5. Dr. Ron Goldstein

    WOW Very innovating work. I can’t wait to build it for my tight work area and I love your mostly using hand tools

  6. Thanks Dr. G. I am glad this workbench design might work for you. I know what it’s like to have to do woodworking in a small space.

  7. It is interesting that you use the term “oriental.” Back in college, many Asians activist students felt this term was insensitive, if not downright a slur.

  8. I have thought about that exact point. It is a slur when describing people, and only if done on purpose; ignorance is different from intention to offend in the name of free speech. “Orient” referring to a region, specifically Chinese, Japanese, and Korean region. The frame furniture top is very prevalent in these countries. Asia is a big continent including Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Indonesian, etc; these other region have differently styled woodworking. Nothing wrong with using a word the way it is suppose to be used.

  9. Subbed, nice work bro.

  10. Heavyboxes DIY Master

    I always love your stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Not what I expected from the title! I was thinking it would be another plywood & 2×4 bench. Beautiful work, can’t wait for the next two videos and plans. Thanks for sharing

  12. Good progress on the bench, and some nice hand work there 🙂

  13. Great work and great video. I can’t wait for next part 🙂

  14. Nice bench.

  15. Thanks Matt and welcome aboard.

  16. Thanks Andrew as always.

  17. Thank you Marc. 2×4 workbenches have lost their charm because people don’t know how to make it good.

  18. Thanks John. I have a whole ~2min dedicated to gluing up the bench that’s something I know everyone looks forward to.

  19. Thank you. Hope you enjoy the next 2 parts of the workbench as well.

  20. Thank you.

  21. Loving this bench series!

  22. Looking great. I love working with cherry.

  23. Thank you. Cherry for the whole bench would have been something else.

  24. Sebastiaan Mollema

    Hi john, nice extensive video on the project. I like how it is developing! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Greeting SM. You’re very welcome. Part 2 of the bench build picks up in pace.

  26. looking to the next. thanks for sharing.

  27. You’re welcome. In part 2 of the build the pace picks up.

  28. Mitch Peacock - WOmadeOD

    Good start

  29. Daniel Andrighetti Moraes

    Its a special feeling to wacth an artist making his magic in live , Fantastic. But For us mere mortals, Im going back to my plywood furniture. Cheers

  30. Thanks Daniel. If you let yourself be influenced by someone to believe that your woodworking is mere-mortal then that’s all you’ll accomplish. And everything I do is mere-mortal, not more or less than you. I just don’t believe what that someone says. Don’t let someone’s words hold you back.

  31. Thanks Mitch.

  32. trying to make a portable office desk

  33. That’s a good idea.

  34. Workshop on Wheels

    God damnit, I am searching for inspiration for a portable workbench, but now I have to wait for part 2 and 3… Well, you earned a sub now. While waiting for part 2 and 3, i can hopefully earn some money to be able to afford building my own workbench. Guess it isn’t that bad after all

  35. Workshop on Wheels

    Daniel Andrighetti Moraes I’m sorry but I have to disagree. Look at my first video of making a leather USB stick, that was my first time hand stitching leather, and it was only my second leather project. I know it is not the best, but I think it was pretty decent, at least for a first-timer. It is about dedication. Not everyone is equal, but what I found is that the one with the most dedications will get the farthest, not the one with the native ability that lacks dedication.

  36. Workshop on Wheels

    John Zhu I would do the same, partially since builds like this takes more than 1 week to build and film, so for me that is just something logical. If you started a bit earlier, I would have been able to see all the parts now 😉 but I am not complaining, as I said, I will need some time to get the finances ready for building my own workbench. I am just a student so I have to spend the money wisely (and know when not to spend it)

  37. Well, this one is 9 months in the making. If you searched 2 weeks from now, then you’d have all three parts of the build at your fingertips.

  38. Workshop on Wheels

    John Zhu I have a lot of your content that is new to me, so I will survive those 2 weeks without boredom

  39. lol. I must say the pre-2015 stuff, are not as good as the later stuff from a videography and editing point of view because I was using a computer from 2009 it couldn’t handle the video load.

  40. I just got into woodworking and thought this would be a good first project. I hope the wife likes the spice rack I made instead.

  41. we all start as acorns, some grow into mighty oaks some die before it sprouts.

  42. great job… your work is similar to that of Paul sellers and since he is older than you ,I was wondering if he was your teacher.

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