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How to build a pallet sofa for the garden

We teach you how to make a garden sofa with wooden pallets, check diypalletfurniture.net to see the plans and instructions and many more projects and ideas of furniture made from pallets.


  1. yo te amo

  2. Yo también te quiero!

  3. Why the hell did you change the song!?

  4. Im pissed. We watch this video just for that!

  5. Or can you just tell me what that song was called?

  6. Great idea! How did you take of the top part of the pallet for the backrest?

  7. +xsjado295 http://diypalletfurniture.net/deconstruct-the-pallets/

  8. Awesome and simple!  Thanks heaps for this vid!

  9. +Nikki Si’ulepa Thanks! 🙂

  10. Very nice. The snakes are going to love this.

  11. did you nail them together

  12. +Chris Hall Yes

  13. Praktikus

  14. I’m thinking by the time you’d acquire all the materials, you might as well just buy a patio set and it will cost less 🙂 Unless you can get free pallets. I sure can’t.

  15. +Diana Lynne You’d be surprised how many people are willing to give them to you if you ask. Check your local grocery store or any warehouse type place. Anywhere anything is delivered uses pallets. I have some but they are all diffrent sizes. The hardest part is getting the same size.

  16. +Chris Hall >>>

  17. +Chris Hall >>> Over 16,000 Plans-Building Projects-DIY Woodworking-Instant Download.
    >>WoodBuilds.blogspot.ca <<<<

  18. Prissy TooSaved&Deep

    How much is the ero wood?

  19. What foam did you use and what are the ideal measurements/height be for the cushions?

  20. Hej! Nice video! It says in the begining that you’re gonna use 8 pallets but I count it to 10? IT there something I miss? 🙂 /Sofie

  21. You’re right, 10 pallets including the table, a little mistake….

  22. What size pallets did you use?

  23. europalets 120x80cm

  24. Nice Video , really helpful!! thanks

  25. nice video! Me and my gf really liked it!

  26. Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for ‘WoodPrix’ website:)

  27. Will try it. But I will get 9 pallets instead of 8?

  28. you need 10 pallets!!

  29. So simple

  30. it is

  31. What size nails did you use to attach the bottom 2 pallets? Please tag me so i know u responded


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