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Dust collection systems are extremely useful in garages. John P. shows you how you can build one for yourself – and the COMPLETE parts list as well as step by step photos and instructions are at:

If you have additional questions, drop them below, or tweet @Johnpoz.


  1. this guys garage is bigger than my apartment…

  2. Use caulking instead of gorilla glue, the glue broke because the plastic is too smooth

  3. Mike Nettesheim, Sr.

    This garage is smaller than my maid’s shoe closet!

  4. where was the 4 inch flex pipe purchased? Did not see it on your list of parts.

  5. you have my dream workshop 🙁

  6. What’s the minimum diameter for the pipes? Thanks

  7. Very good for industrial applications

  8. Nice job great system I have one concern you are sucking hot metal from your grinder that could be a possible fire hazard I know with all the wind and pressure that by the time it hits the collection bin the metal would have cooled off but still a bit risky otherwise great system

  9. So neat and tidy. Love it.

  10. Whats your take on using a cyclone on the dust collection system? Like you I don’t currently use one and instead use a similar setup with a two hoses on a fiber trash container.

  11. Jean-Michaël Cyr

    Clean job !

  12. Can you tell me what would be the blower capacity in relation to the size of the shop.

    My shop is 15 meters X 4 meter

    Is 1 horse power motor enough?! Or not?!

  13. questo garage è troppo pulito e ordinato. E’ solo una vetrina per gli amici e per you tube.

  14. Much good information. However, you do not show the working of a dust collection system by “sucking” electrical connectors, you show it by vacuuming up wood dust. Is the separator efficient, how efficient, 90%, 95%, or as high as some are able to get: 99%. The telling detail may be that your dust bag is full but your garbage can separator is empty.
    I see at least two problems: 1, with so many gates that are not fully sealed there might be too much air leaking; 2, that separator/cyclone that you show does not look like it works well.
    Still, I got many good ideas from your vid for my own build. Thank you.

  15. I rarely will post anything negative.. but when I see something so groddly wrong I can’t help it. Your not collecting any fine dust (the stuff that will really hurt your lungs) with a 3/4hp blower and that much ducting. It could barely move those electrical nuts.. That much duct work with that many bends, that much resistance in the system, minimum…MINIMUM 3hp blower with a 14 or 15 inch impeller… ideally you need a 5hp cyclone to drive that system. That 5 micron bag is a siv. You should have a cartridge filter from Winn Environmental with sufficent surface area to not drag the CFM down. You really should do some research before doing a video for which people will copy thinking this is the right way to setup a dust collection. I hope you take this comment seriously and revise your setup. Your lungs will thank you.

  16. Welding and things

    Do you use your shop at all? It is very clean.

  17. VERY helpful. Thank you.

  18. And am in Nigeria.How will u send it.

  19. A lot less of you and more of the project.

  20. Did you ground your,dust collect system?

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