1. Yes, bags are expensive but I reuse mine…make a 5″ cut along the bottom, empty dust, fold and staple the cut (add some masking tape over the seam) and you’re good to again. No leaks.

  2. I love the bags, the vac last longer and there is very little mess if any when you do have to change them. I would recommend them to anyone who uses there vac a lot, save’s time in and mess from cleaning the filter.

  3. i definitely need to get a filter bag. what a difference. thank you for posting these vids!

  4. That answer my question. Bag aren’t a must (shopvac can be used without) but it’s quite recommended for many reason. Now my question is, what about wet vacuum? Is there a bag for that or only using the “sponge” filter around the filter?

  5. Thank you for contacting RIDGID.
    Please be informed that the only filter bags that we make are for dry pick ups only. Using a filter bag is optional. The advantage of using the filter bag is to prevent a messy drum and to prevent the filter from clogging up too fast.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 1-800-4-RIDGID (1-800- 474-3443) or you may send your email to info@ridgidvacs.com.

  6. Is a dust bag needed when vacuuming wet material, such as water extraction from carpet?

  7. filter bags do have their limited uses like vacuuming very fine uniform dust. But for most uses, I want to see what I am throwing out. it also will not work if I am picking up anything wet or sharp. and the bags are obscenely overpriced. The design of the rigid pleated cannister filter is crappy too. There is nothing in it to keep it from crushing under the force applied to keep it up under the motor. I once got one wet and returned it to home depot for a free replacement. They are marked as wet filters but if you get it wet it becomes too short for the space. Shop vac has beat you in this. Filters are easy to clean with compressed air or a dry bagged vacuum.

  8. Nope. Now you are stuck with bag of crap. I empty my shop vacuum hundreds of times a year, this is very impractical, except for maybe the nerdy DIYer.

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