1. K.I.S.S… or Keep It Simple Stupid as the Engineers always remind themselves. How brilliantly you’ve do so. Just lovely work you do. Other solutions for this tool that I’ve seen are much less graceful than yours. I bet your counter weight could be a old Microwave oven from a skip?

  2. Great! Will you please post more details about it? ram0911@gmail.com
    Best Regards!

  3. My next video has clips useing this, out shortly,please don`t publish the clip I emailed you ,thanks


    THIS NY EMAIL..fotojuan2@yahoo.com

  5. I didn’t figure out how to reply to a reply here yet, but I asked about putting this between two rooms and you guesstimated it may be too tall; after thinking this over a bit, the slide/carriage part can actually be on one side of the doorway–the height of the 5ft sheet of baltic birch and the saw framework would be all that needs to be under about 80 inches. Can you share with me more details on the saw carriage tubing & glides? Looks like the rails & saw always stay horizontally stationary and you move the sheet’s cut-line to the saw location? Thanks for any help.

  6. Gerardo Guerra Rojas

    buenas noches amigo podrias enviarme a micorreo como lo hiciste mi correo es el siguiente ç


  7. Hey, great looking tool, I have a small woodworking business and would love to build one for my shop, do you have a video on how to build this, any help would be much appreciated , Thanks Robert… hobbytime0338@gmail.com

  8. Sent you an email

  9. Hi, I just saw the wall saw video, what a great build. I am new to woodworking and have limited space, this looks like something I would like to build. Is it possible to get plans for this? P.S loved the sander, metal break, and metal cutoff saw! thanks for helping me to get my mind working again. Les

  10. Hi Les sorry I don`t do plans as you can see from the comments on this vid, I always reply with “I use what I`ve got” thats the way I work and think, sending you a link which may help you but its not listed so please don`t publish as it was a personal reply to a subscriber….thank you

  11. Great Saw..  Can you send any information you have on building it?


  12. message in your inbox hope that helps

  13. Could you send me information on building this?  I greatly appreciate any help.


  14. Link sent

  15. I was wondering if you could send me any plans you have on it? Thank you in advance.

  16. +Ivan Pierce I am so mental. My email address is handmadeguitar@gmail.com

  17. ” I am so mental” is that good ? anyway sent you a link

  18. Hello! Thank you so much for sharing your creation! I am so excited about it. I was planning to make a table for a table saw, but I like this so much better! Could I also have the information on building it? You are so wonderful to share! kate.stocks@gmail.com

  19. Link sent, be careful !

  20. I will. =) Thank you so much! =)

  21. Hi. I’ve been looking at different designs on youtube and yours looks the best. Can I get more info on how to build it. My email is jemail3990@gmail.com. Thank you.

  22. I love the compact design! Can you email me the link? jerrylanderson1@gmail.com

  23. I will do a follow up

  24. Tonya Ahlstrom-Budd

    I would love the information as well as everyone that has posted. May I have it too? It’s perfect for my small space – tonyaahlstrom@gmail.com

  25. Sorry thier are no instructions, how to build, or supply list, I don`t work like that. I would have thought the video was self explanitry! but it seems many require more , I will consider a remake..

  26. Where did you get the linear guides? Very interesting design! I would love to know more. Brandtisu@gmail


  27. Just C section extrusion, same as you will find on vertical blind tracking/lighing tracking etc

  28. Love your design
    I have been meaning to build a panel saw and could not settle on a design
    could you send me plans for your saw please
    a very pleasing design
    i would very much like to build your design
    kindest regards

  29. This design looks brill any chance of the plans you followed to make this wall saw ! bradus02@me.com kindest regards Brad

  30. That’s really great! I have been wanting make one of these for ages. Any chance you could send me the plans also?Truly ingenious! My email is james.murphy3@gmail.com

  31. You really don`t need plans,use what you have,watch the vid a couple of times and make your own set up, I did a vid “no plans sorry” I mention the wall saw in that, it may help.
    sorry for the rant in this one but I had to say it …

  32. OK thanks. The only thing I couldn’t work out from the video is what you were using to keep the saw balanced. Have you got a pulley and counter balance on there somewhere?

  33. Great Video. The only question I have is the Vertical Rail System. I understand they are C-Section Light Rails, but what are you using as a slide to go between the rails for your saw to sit on (What kind of rollers, ect.)
    Also I just sent you a private message with my email. If you did not get it please let me know. Thanks!!, Anthony.

  34. Great Saw.. Can you send any information you have on building it?


  35. look at comments further down on the video

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