1. Excellent design. At last a proper tracksaw system that guides your saw from left and right deviations unlike so many simple shooting board designs on Youtube. Well done and thanks!

  2. Nice

  3. Explain what you meant by this..

  4. Well, a lot of youtubers present a simple saw guide as being a track saw. However, a tracksaw guides the saw without deviation either to the left or right as your design successfully does. I have found that simple saw guides do not prevent your saw from wandering away from the guide rail and sometimes it seems impossible to get a straight and square cut with them.
    Once again I say you have a good straightforward design here that really does the job properly. Well Done!

  5. +fej fish I’m not the creator of the video.. Like you I also watched a 1000 “track saw” video and was genuinely interested in what you meant by your post.. I’m new to wood working, taking it up as a hobby, and wanting to learn more, I asked the question..

    You did answer it tho and now that you explained it, it does make sense..

  6. Woodbuckle Custom Furniture & Storage Solutions

    Thank you everyone! Nice to know the design makes sense. Honestly, I created it because great track saws (which I love!) are just so expensive and I simply cannot cut a straight line. More self preservation than anything else. Enjoy!

  7. Forgive my ignorance: Doesn’t the groove and keel obviate the track?

  8. cheap and easy. love it.

  9. Pretty nifty. Thank you for posting…

  10. Patrick Novak de Paula

    Valeu trabalho nota 10.

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