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Please HAVE YOUR YOUNG KIDS LEAVE THE THE ROOM!!! Dont wanna break any lil hearts 🙁 Just wanted to share some ideas you could use for your childs first tooth to make it special for him or her. I was so happy when my best friend sent me a picture message with someone using glitter hairspray for this but I "made do" with some glitter glue 🙂 Hugs~Mel
P.S. I Also used my heat gun to speed up the process so its dry by tonight 🙂 Wish me luck n hope she does not wake up in the process!!!! ~Mel

Updated: November 10, 2017 — 11:52 am


  1. how cute!!! let us know, fingers crossed!!! tfs xoxo~~anna

  2. Cooking & Crafting with Asya

    Cute idea. Wish I could try it but my kids are too old for that.

  3. Cute idea! Mine are all teens or older so we are past that stage but sure do miss those days!! Enjoy the magic while you can!! They grow up so fast!! Diana

  4. EclecticCrafter -DarlaG

    Oh I sprinkled fairy dust, very fine glitter, on the pillow and in the kids hair and a little on the carpet where it looked like the fairy flew in and out.. this is awesome too Mel..miss these days.

  5. All Things Pretty *Mel

    Great idea Will do that too!! hehehee Thanks for the cute ideas Darla!~Mel

  6. Awe cute idea. I wish I would have know about this a month ago when my grand daughter lost her first tooth. That would have been so fun to have put on the money on sent her.She would have loved it!

  7. LOL, well if we don’t hear from you for awhile, we’ll all have to come up with some bail money.:)
    I just became a great gramdma, so I’ll have to give this one a try, when the time comes. thanks for sharing:)

  8. Super cute idea! Dont make the same mostake i did n leave the teeth in my drawer n my kids found them yrs later. We did a good job keeping them innocent or believing until 13 yrs old. My 12yr old still believes in santa. When she ask why her 23 yr old bro doesnt get gifts frm santa my answer is he stopped believing

  9. Good luck and may you be stealthy!

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