Hollow Spiral Whittler’s Puzzle – Fun woodcarving project!!!

woodcarving project 3 chord hollow spiral whittler's puzzle
Here I go over an intermediate project that uses a common size basswood block. you can get this grab bag of basswood on ebay from lumber4you here's the link (you can double the amount of wood for a few bucks more!
and these knives from deepwoodsventures
the illustration for the project measurements are on my blog at


  1. Keith Araneo-Yowell

    The word you’re looking for is helix

  2. +Keith Araneo-Yowell oooh….good one. usually by the time people leave comments i’ve figured out the word i’m an idiot about in the video..but not in this case. thanks bruv.

  3. I dont whittle, and dont plan to. but I stumbled on your video and found it interesting enough to watch through. You not only have a gift with wood, you seem to have the gift of gab. I found it interesting just listening to what you had to say… great job on both fronts..

  4. Seif Abdennadher

    this is wonderful πŸ˜€

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  8. Speaking of truth, yer a bit of a nutter eh?

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  10. “Hold on let me drink my beer…”

  11. NURSE! Wee Willy’s using the computer again!!!

  12. Bushcraft Costa Rica William Chaverri

    Which knives are those ?

  13. I remember doing this and the ball in a cage in Jr High back in the 70’s. Cut myself a few times but loved them, I might have to try again. Yours looks amazing, very nice.

  14. Hi – can you recommend a carving knife? love the video, tnx!

  15. Zach Halliwell

  16. Your left middle finger, first knuckle. Mind sharing how you got the scar? πŸ™‚

  17. Bushcraft Costa Rica William Chaverri u can get them on Amazon…

  18. Bushcraft Costa Rica William Chaverri

  19. where did you buy your tools

  20. what are you using to sharpen? every time I want to sharpen it is a big ordeal. hopefully you will even see this comment. looks great!

  21. Shoutout to my ASMR gang!

  22. Regarding getting 3 cables from two lines:

    If you think of it as a rectangle paper, and try to divide the paper into three sections, you would use 2 lines to do so.

    When wanting to know how many lines you need to draw for the desired cables just say: [Cable Amount] – 1 = [Line Amount]

  23. you sure do ramble alot

  24. Plz tell me you’re joking.

  25. I like listening to you talk its very soothing

  26. I could watch you do that for hours

  27. it would be stunning to look at if is over 2 feet long

  28. Kraftsman Sheng hell yeah it would! I just might attempt that sometime. Thanks buddy.

  29. Brian Burgess its just a cheap plastic backed diamond stone

  30. Then he strops on a piece of leather glued on a wood block after applying stropping compound


  32. “Stick it in therrrrre, and just, kinda likkkkke, pullll on it… Yeah. 27:30

  33. It’s like how you dry In between ur legs with a towel…or at least cartoon characters do it.

  34. How on god’s green earth…

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