Holey Galahad

Angle Grinder tool excellent for wood caving and shaping. Rotating discs allow you to see throu to the surface being removed.


  1. Михаил Михайлович

    подскажите где купит диски по дереву и сколько они стоять такие

  2. The Indian Chiefs head carving towards the end of the video looked
    suspiciously like Arnold Schwarzenegger….

  3. okay ‘most wood working projects’ is a little ambitious. it’s like
    ‘some’….or few….or every once in a while you might feel the need to
    drag this out and turn out a few thousand dollars worth of dust collection
    and filters.

  4. hey . lets not forget that you will be breathing a lot of dust with ” holy
    galahad ” . this sucks .

  5. +Hamish Carey Not if you wear your mask.

  6. i guess . wood dust is hardly that bad anyhow .

  7. You’d cough the odd log up now and then! 🙂

  8. prob a good way to get friendly bacteria into the lungs . stop getting a
    cold .

  9. where do i buy a set

  10. Holey crap! Sixty bux???

  11. I own several of these tools and there worth every penny to me ..

  12. +hillbilly joe How long do they last? Is course grit necessary or is medium
    removing enough material for shaping purposes?

  13. +Matt Adams totally depends on what type of wood I was working on a Modesto
    ash and sanded for at least 3 hours and the tool is still sharp.

  14. i would be very thankful if you could sell them also on the german amazon
    website .. right now i can only find them on the US version. Its very hard
    to get them here in europe.

  15. This is perfect for carved top guitars. Time to go shopping.

  16. marcos e adineia enrique diniz

    tem aqui no Brasil?

  17. Im impressed

  18. Cool video weird music.

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