1. Wow….  Iv seen it all now ..

  2. If you would film half the crap you’re talking about your video might be half decent!

  3. Beer and chainsaw….can’t believe I watched this.

  4. Rock on brother.

  5. Put the beer away and try a file.

  6. You are obviously wanting to make an informative and useful video. However you should preview it when you aren’t under under the influence of something before uploading it.

  7. You Sharpened the Chain ,, But you did not take down the Depth Gauge on the Chain .. If it is to High it will not allow the chisels on the chain to cut.. They make a Depth Gauge you can use to Set its Depth of cut on the chain.. That will work at cutting much better .. Good luck

  8. Diamond Fred

  9. ChefBob59 j

  10. James Vanhouten hi

  11. Jerry Clenney please don’t use any of the info in this video

  12. little to much to drink

  13. I do appreciate the video and the fact that you didn’t edit out the blooper. This video does allow a viewer to make his own decision as to whether he/she would go this route. Personally I will not be purchasing one of these. Thanks for the video.

  14. Easyrider Pappy m

  15. firstname lastname

    Holy crap thats ridiculous device. A little practice with a file is not that difficult.

  16. i have one they do a good job but a file is faster

  17. have another busch!

  18. rock on man, I bought one to, and it is awesome, but you should grind down your guides so you can get a good cut, please don’t work with a chain saw with drinking dude.

  19. Easyrider Pappy A good point that I didn’t know about until a wise man showed me years ago. I’ve heard people call them rakers?? You are spot on in pointing this out 👍

  20. %90 of those that I sold in my time at Harbor Freight came back to the store at least twice. I’ve had folks come back fore or five times to exchange those pieces of garbage.

  21. I bought one & can’t get it to line up for the second angle. Gave up & bought a file & guide.

  22. Thanks for not editing the bloop out this can happen to anyone and this serves as a reminder. I did not know I could get a tool to sharpen these, thanks for taking the time.

  23. How in the hell did you get 6 years out of a Remington pole saw? I’ve gone through FOUR of them in four months. Crappy gears strip out every time! Other than that, the little saw works well. It’s slow, but light and controllable, and gets the job done. Amazon won’t even give me free replacement any more. Metal gears might be nice!

  24. this video is to long and very unhelpful

  25. commonconservative

    did not tighten the chain first cut

  26. Jim and Jennifer Mooney

    After the 2nd one ……. ?????? And you bought 4??????? Have some Busch before you reply.

  27. Jim or Jen … Stop having so much Busch BEFORE you comment on my comment. Read it again, CAREFULLY. The next three were FREE! The little saw works great, except the gears strip out after about a month of hard use. I expect they are plastic. So, so far, I’ve gotten four trees taken down from the ground, with a $60 investment, that was the TOTAL for ALL FOUR saws. Following yet? 😉

  28. Mint,

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