Hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking

Hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking bring to your work will be extraordinary and distinctive from machine-produced pieces with hand tool woodworking. This video will inspire you to move away from your power tools and try woodworking with your hands alone.
hand tool projects & tips for the beginner woodworking
Hand tool woodworking


  1. McDonald's Farmer

    There are people in the world that can be considered very good at what they
    based on production results and ethic. There are then people in the world
    that are the BEST at what they do, because they are not only concerned with
    production results, or crafting results, but instead they focus on
    mastering the craft from the bottom on up, without producing anything. I
    don’t even have to see what this man can build, or what he has built, to
    know that he is a one of a kind woodworker and carpenter. Perfecting things
    like posture, positioning and environment, and not relying on something to
    “work like it should.” Absolutely immaculate.

  2. Really Informative… I really love to see the different tools and
    understand how it is being used…

    Just something that came in my mind.. Would it be possible to create these
    set of tools out of the most basic and simple available materials. Like a
    man only start with a saw then creates a tool out of it then the next tool
    out of the tools created and so on and forth.. Until he achieve a
    woodworking shop that would be able to produce what most modern shops
    could… I think It would be exciting to watch… =D

  3. thanks

  4. How inspiring. Wonderful stuff 👍🏻

  5. Thank you for taking the time to show us beginners some sound skills.

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  7. Woodworking Plus

    thanks you

  8. You are great instructor. I hope you continue.

  9. Agreed, learned a bit and loved all of it.

  10. You’re very relaxed. Never in a hurry and always focused. Im sure it’s why
    you have all your fingers still. Everything is done with precision and
    patience. A role model.

  11. just 7 minutes into this video and i really wish i would have found this
    sooner.. would have saved me hours and hours of searching thru dozens and
    dozens of videos trying to fill information gaps

    great work guys! (it says published 2016, but it must be a pretty old video
    from somewhere else?)

  12. This dude is a pro isnt he?!

  13. WOW, and to think I’ve been using chisels straight out of the box, and not
    sharpening them correctly, DUH. Thanks for the info!

  14. This is Frank Klausz. He is a pretty famous woodworker. This video is
    probably from the late ’90s.

  15. Excellent video thank you Sir.

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  17. Thanks. verry good.

  18. I admire your tool collection, all beautifully arranged. Perfection.

  19. oh my god, this is so great! so good listening to experts explaining their

  20. This is the most important video any woodworker should watch and learn
    from. Amazing attention to detail

  21. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve watched many videos on sharpening hand tools and
    none are if this caliber. I love that he doesn’t ignore the existence of
    modern hand tools. This will be my go to guide for years to come.

  22. one thing that is missing is how to prepare the grinder – how to centre,
    true and dress the wheel. Which types of wheels to select (material, grit)
    would also be nice.

  23. Given the saw says “West Germany” (see 1:05:51), that would place the video
    at over 20 years old

  24. This was the best woodworking video I’ve seen in a long time. All skill &
    craftsmanship from someone who learned the trade properly. That
    boatbuilder’s joint on the Japanese waterstone box was truly something else
    … Even better, it was over an hour with no mention of pocket holes!

  25. InformationIsTheEdge

    I am indescribably impressed. As a kid, first entering the workforce, I
    brought home the phrase, “tricks of the trade” which my father immediately
    corrected. “Don’t learn the tricks, learn the trade.” This gentleman has
    mastered the trade. It is evident even in the brief digressions. Thumbed up
    with enthusiasm!

  26. i need to spend years with this man, what an artist

  27. really in my opinion the thing that draws people away from woodworking (or
    any other craftsman job) is the cost of the big powered tools. He mentions
    a router in this video a cheap router costs $160 a set of 3 STANLEY chisels
    costs 18.99

  28. Best video ever, huge respect for the man behind the workbench! Please do
    more of these.

  29. This guy makes you want to go around the back of the house and break out
    the (woodworking) tools! Excellent video.

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