Guide to Wood Carving Faces Part 2

Easy Step by step guide to wood carving the perfect face. Follow along at home and create this guide and learn techniques you will use for all your faces large and small. Remember to Subscribe in order to see all my videos coming up.


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  2. เกรียงศักดิ์ แก้วนุช

    How to Carve aWooden Bear

  3. SharonMyART

  4. This is awesome!! I really want to do ths but i don’t have the tools. I wonder if i can make it with any small knife?

  5. Very good tutorial


  7. Wood????…tylo?..pine?

  8. u are adorable:)) i wish new generations will stuck with art before artists will be replaced by machines.we give spirit,soul to a creation,machines are just doing calculated moves

  9. Carving a bird eye

  10. I’m watching this face take shape and my smile is getting bigger and bigger, great video

  11. Bass wood…you can also pick it up at a hobby store…good for carving anything…:)

  12. I just got into this new hobby and find your videos very useful!!
    i haven’t tried none because i just don’t have a knife and the other stuff i need, trying to get them online but i don’t understand what gauge do i have to get..there are too many kinds.
    thank you again for your videos!!!!

  13. Thanks so much Sharon, I just bought my first knife. This really helps me visualize what is takes to get real shapes out of your wood. Please keep it up!

  14. beautiful 🙂

  15. Great guide!

  16. Stephan Rodriguez

    Wonderful teaching. Thank you very much!

  17. 5:22 dog approves!
    really helpful video!! thanks a lot

  18. Awesome, what kind of wood is used here?

  19. Sebastian Kirstein

    Awesome video Sharon! You are an amazing wood carver.

  20. Is it a really sharp knife or really soft wood or both

  21. I love her comments😂 “jay leno” “ubangi@😂

  22. Can you share where you buy your wood and what knife you recommend?

  23. I just stumbled across these two videos…Great little figurines…and great teaching technique….I’m going to give it a try, but on a bigger scale. Thanks !!!

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